Different Haircut Names For Different Hair Types

Hairdos (or “hairstyles”) are ways of styling and shaping the hair. While some styles may be more popular, others might work better with certain hair types. Knowing different haircut names is invaluable when communicating with your stylist or barber about your desired style.

From fades and undercuts to comb-overs and quiffs – here is the definitive list of haircut names you should know to create your desired style!


Afros are popular hairstyles among black people who do not wish to straighten their locks, symbolizing pride in culture and expanding existing images of beauty. If you have an afro, try not to touch it too often, as this could damage its curls. Instead, use natural hair oil to moisturize and keep your fro healthy and beautiful.


Beehives are hairstyles in which the top of the head is styled into an inverted cone shape. While similar styles, such as pompadours, exist, beehives differ due to needing backcombing or teasing to achieve volume. Heldt first designed her beehive as part of a retro fashion trend to go beneath her velvet fez hat, and it quickly became one of the most beloved fashion statements, worn by Marge Simpson, Amy Winehouse, and members of rock band The B-52. This timeless retro trend remains popular with women across generations and cultures.

Choppy Layers

A choppy layer haircut is an edgy style that adds definition and volume to your locks. Your stylist will snip off large sections of hair in disproportional proportions to achieve this fun and trendy style. A choppy layered bob is the ideal combination of messy waves and wispy bangs to cover the forehead. Try wearing your dark copper ginger shade to complement brown eyes, with silver earrings to match.


Curly cuts embrace your natural texture, enabling you to embrace your curls with pride and show them off without losing length or volume. A curly amount is an excellent choice for those wanting volume in their coils without compromising size. To achieve the ideal curly haircut, it is best to ask your stylist to cut your dry locks first. This gives you and the stylist a clear picture of how your curls will appear post-cut.


Fades are an increasingly popular style that can be styled in multiple ways. Fades offer versatile solutions, from creating a sleek and elongated appearance to providing structure and definition in the hair. Various types of fades are available, from high fades that start close to the hairline to low fades that fade into the skin. You may even opt for a scissor fade as an alternative method that uses scissors rather than clippers for its application.

Flat Top

A classic flat-top haircut that’s simple to style with styling products. Ask your barber for a skin fade and flat square top with soft edges to achieve it. If you have thick hair, creating a flat-top pompadour can look both stylish and elegant. hair gel is essential in keeping this style in place, and it boldly states who wears it best. Men who wish to stand out should opt for this style as it will add flair.

Long Top

The long-top haircut is an eye-catching style that will give your strands an exuberant and full appearance. As its name implies, its name comes from having longer strands on top than on either side of your head; pairing this cut with either a fade or comb over fade can accentuate its textural structure and bring out its bold appeal – perfect for men looking to create an eye-catching and trendy appearance!

Man Bob

A man bob is an informal interpretation of the classic jaw-length bob haircut for men, designed to showcase natural hair texture while adding personality and dimension. Wearable tousled or slicked back depending on his mood, it provides an alternative style ideal for hipper looks without going whole 70’s flower child; and is an excellent way to ease into cutting your locks in stages.