Best Protective Hairstyles

Best Protective Styles That Really Protects Natural Facts About Our hair No One Truly Understands. 10th Anniversary Special! What Makes a Protective Style Really Protective. How to Make a Protective Style Work for That.

Secrets to Creating the Best Protective Styles! 10th Anniversary Special!

Protecting that is very important and yet, most women don’t know how to protect themselves from chemicals in hair care products. It doesn’t matter if you use hair care products with alcohol, ammonia or lemon juice, these are harsh chemicals which strip the natural oils from that and leave it dry, brittle, and damaged. Unfortunately, harsh chemical shampoos, conditioners, and styling products are so pervasive in our culture that we rarely, if ever, realize that they’re doing any damage at all to our hair‘s structure or health. Using chemical-free hair care products can be challenging though, but it’s worth the effort as they work wonderfully well! This article will help educate you on how to create chemical-free hair care products easily.

When looking for the best protective styles for African American women, you need something that will do the job while still providing you with a means to wear that in a way that you prefer to while still giving you a smoothing effect or moisture. Since black  is very thick and can be hard to manage, most people opt for either a razor or going natural with the use of mousse, gel or styling products that contain vitamins, minerals and even cocoa butter. These products are meant to create the illusion of your natural hair being thicker and adding volume but while also providing protection from the damaging effects of the sun and heat. Here are some of the best modern design trends for African American women that you can incorporate into your own style: