5 Different Bob Haircuts For Every Face Shape

A classic bob haircut is an above-the-shoulder style that flatters every facial structure and season. Choose a layered or messy version, this hairstyle will reflect your individuality while looking stunning in every setting.

Textured Bob

This year’s most fashionable style is the textured bob. It adds texture and volume to an otherwise classic bob style for a unique look.

Dome Bob

Dome bob hairstyles are layered bob styles characterized by being widest at the ears and narrower towards the top, featuring short fringes for added cuteness and classic beauty. Their curly texture gives this old-fashioned style classic beauty, with inward feathers adding to its allure. This bob is a favorite among women of all ages.

Long Layered Bob

Layering long hair creates movement, texture, and volume. A layered bob is versatile across hair textures; this chin-length cut looks especially stunning with soft waves and a tousled finish. Choppy layers on this long bob create an eye-catching style and are ideal for women with thicker locks.

Messy Bob

Messy bob hairstyles may seem casual at first glance, but they’re actually fashionable and feminine at once. Thanks to light layering and length of cut, they work especially well on thick hair. Add volume with texturizing products such as mousse or texturizer to give your bob some texture!

Long Bob with Side Bangs

For an elegant and flirtatious look, get your hair cut into this long angled bob with side bangs for maximum feminine appeal. Perfect for women with fine or thin locks as this style adds lots of volume and dimension to their strands!

Long Bob with Balayage

Long bobs featuring balayage are an effective way to show off dynamic texture and color combinations, from dark roots creating a shadow effect all the way through light-gold, white and ash blonde strands of hair. Furthermore, feathered ends add volume while also creating texture – perfect for creating dynamic looks with long bobs!

Short Bob with Bangs

A classic bob can be modernized by adding short, face-framing bangs. This cut works well for women looking to soften their features or draw attention towards their eyes; and suits any facial structure and hair texture from straight, wavy, to curly locks.