Bridal Hair Accessories

hair accessories add the perfect finishing touches to your look for any bridal ceremony. From stylish crystal clips and whimsical floral barrettes to royal crowns or tiaras, these accessories can turn a casual low ponytail into something fit for an Old World ceremony.

Add a modern flair to your bridal look with a memorable keepsake like a silk flower or bow tie. These unexpected add-ons are perfect for modern brides, including rock ‘n’ roll or nontraditional beauties who want a chic yet feminine look. Plus, these unconventional pieces can serve as keepsakes after the ceremony!


An exquisite bridal headpiece can add the perfect finishing touch to your special day-of-day celebrations. Whether you prefer vintage glamour with a birdcage veil, dainty hair pins, or modern sophistication with a gold head chain or flower crown, there’s a piece to suit every bride imaginable.

For a princess-like splendor, choose an eye-catching gilded tiara. If you prefer a more understated and delicate look, consider opting for a floral headband from Untamed Petals. You can also achieve an understated touch by layering soft hair pins in a low bun or using pearl barrettes. For added romance, add delicate blooms into a sleek ponytail for even more appeal. These embellished flowers can be reused at pre-wedding events like brunches and tea showers!

Hair Combs

Combs are an indispensable hair accessory, perfect for styling any updo. Available in various shapes and sizes, combs can also be decorated with charming charms or customized with beads, flowers, or other materials to personalize the accessory even further. They add an elegant and sophisticated touch to your look while helping keep your locks under control.

A wide-tooth comb might be your go-to solution if you have long or thick hair. These combs are designed to gently glide through your locks, detangling and smoothing them. They are ideal to use with a veil or small hat.

Hair Pins

hair pins are essential accessories for creating a sophisticated and structured bridal look. These double-pronged pins with straight or wavy prongs are excellent for securing updos and twists and pinning back loose strands of bangs.

Hairpins come in various styles, from decorative with jewels to plain and practical. The double-pronged metal pins feature ribbed prongs to better grip your locks. They are available in black for dark locks and gold for blonde locks. They are more secure than bobby pins and are often larger, designed for thick or coarse hair to protect from damage or tension on the scalp. Some hairpins from Renaissance Europe were made of gold, ivory, or tortoiseshell with singular or cluster gems for embellishment.

hair Vine

Hair vines offer brides an easy and beautiful way to add an element of romance and magic to their bridal look. These flexible combs adorned with crystals and pearls are an attractive alternative to tiaras. They look fantastic when pinned onto updos or snaked down the backs of chignons.

Some hair vines have little loops or ribbons attached along their length, allowing you to tie them into place like wreaths. They can also be worn across the forehead in loose waterfall plaits or braided into bohemian braids for an eye-catching romantic wedding look. Longer and broader wedding hair vines, such as the gold floral flexible wedding hair vine ‘Fayre,’ look beautiful when draped over a plait or tucked into a twist of hair. They can also be intertwined into a vintage-inspired bun or chignon for a stunning vintage-inspired style.