How to Dye Denim hair Blue

If you are tired of your brown or black hair, consider dying your denim hair blue. This look is so popular right now that you might even be tempted to do it yourself! Here are a few tips for your denim-colored tresses:

Stonewashed denim hair color


If you’ve always wanted to try a denim-inspired hair color, you’re not alone. This look is incredibly versatile, and it works well with a variety of hair textures and styles. It features a rich indigo base, which is followed by a stonewash blue finish. A good shampoo will help maintain these rich tones and add some texture. Here are some tips for how to achieve stonewashed denim hair color.


If you’ve always wanted your hair to be unique and edgy, you should try a stonewashed denim shade. This trendy shade of denim looks great on pale or silver skin. It’s flattering on all types of skin, including white or gray. Also, it’s suitable for most skin tones and can suit both straight and curly hair. You can even use it to soften the overall look of your hair, and you can add a metallic finish to your hair if you want.

Stonewashed blue balayage


This cool-toned look combines dark roots with shimmering platinum layers to give a softer denim look. The hair is slightly textured and curled, with the ends being lightened. This cool-toned hairstyle blends perfectly with a denim hair color. This look is particularly flattering on women with a dark hair tone. Stonewashed blue balayage is a great way to add depth and dimension to your denim hair.


You can recreate this trend by applying pastel blue toner to grey or ash blonde hair. This style is also known as denim hair and has become a fashion statement. It’s a natural progression from the silver/grey trend. However, the technique is not for everyone, so it’s important to bring a photo to your hair stylist to help her develop a balayage formula.

Indigo balayage


Getting denim hair can be intimidating. There are so many different shades to choose from, and this color is a great way to start. There are three main ways to achieve this look. One is the classic denim color, which is a darker shade of blue. This color will shine beautifully on darker skin tones and naturally dark hair. Another way to get a denim look is to add a light blue to your hair.


A popular way to create this effect is with the “double denim” dip dye technique. Using two different shades of blue, one at the top and another at the end of the hair, this color is highly flattering and makes your hair look like denim. Once your hair has reached its desired shade, you can apply a second indigo balayage to create an even more striking effect.

Stonewashed pixie cut


If you’re in the market for a new look, consider getting your hair dyed denim blue. It’s a temporary style, which can be washed out easily every Sunday. It can add definition and depth to your hair while making thin hair appear thicker. The subtle pop of blue melds into your skin while standing out in a crowd. This color is especially flattering on dark skin tones.


The stonewashed look incorporates silvery and blue tones to achieve a fading effect. A matte finish or lighter shade will also achieve a lived-in look. This style is a great way to add some fun color to your short hair. You can even create a faux hawk with it. Make sure you use a hair dye shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for denim-dyed hair.

Dirty wash denim hairstyle


If you’re looking to spice up your look with a fun new color, consider a dirty wash denim hairstyle. Typically, this style will feature a mix of blues and browns but can also incorporate deep purples and reds. Your dirty wash can be maintained with dry shampoo, but you may also want to experiment with other dye colors. This style is also great for adding a pop of color to your short pixie.