Cute Brown hair Boy

Looking for a cute brown hair boy? There are 472 of them to choose from. The ones you see are Keimaru, Light, and Keima. Trying a different search will get you even more. In this article, I will discuss each of these characters. After reading them, you should choose the one you like the most! Have fun! Just remember that your choice is based on his or her looks and personality.



For a simple and easy-to-maintain look, try a romantic updo. You can go for an undone updo, or make it extra sweet by adding flowers and baby’s breath to the top of his hair. There are so many cute ways to style light brown hair! Light brown hair also goes well with short haircuts and balayage. Here are a few of the most popular styles.


If you want a bolder look, add some highlights. Light brown hair can be a great base color for a balayage technique, a contrasting color, or a natural look. You can also choose a warm-toned shade, such as copper. Light brown hair looks great with all eye colors and complements all hair textures. Light brown is also very versatile, so you can try various color combinations.



Keima is a cute brown haired boy who often wears glasses and is very intelligent. He grew up with no father figure and depended on his mother who ran a little cafe at home. When she could afford it, she bought him videogames and he grew to love dating sims. This is his story. Keima is a genius, but he wastes his potential playing video games.


Although Keima enjoys video games in class, he is also a top student in every subject, including English. His English teacher, Ichiro Kodama, scolded him for his habit of gaming during class. However, despite his unorthodox study habits, he aced all of his exams. Keima is an excellent student with analytical skills. In his most recent English test, he accurately predicted which questions were going to be on it, based on the teacher’s personality and the exam’s duration.


Keima is a very unique character. He is aloof from reality, claiming to be indifferent to 3D girls. He prefers to live in the 2D world and play games. He is cold and distant when talking to others, and he often ignores the people around him when playing video games. Ultimately, he finds it difficult to be loyal to anyone. He is often a loner, a perfect example of a cool character.