Ddg Hairstyles

Ddg has an eye-catching hairstyle that is sure to turn heads. Her braided style features box braids with some unique touches that set it apart.

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Box Braids

Box braids may have become popular online recently, but their roots date back thousands of years to African tribes. Celebrities like Beyonce and Solange have worn waist-grazing braids with box braids as an iconic fashion statement for years.


Cornrows differ in that they’re made up of three-stranded plaits woven together tightly enough that they form precise squares or “boxes” all across the scalp, creating tension which may result in traction alopecia (hair loss from pulling). To avoid this issue, it’s essential to select an experienced stylist when having braids done. A great stylist should utilize proper techniques and ensure your braids don’t appear tight. Furthermore, make sure to moisturize your locks regularly so as to prevent tangling or becoming dry and brittle.

Dread Hairstyle

Dreadlocks are an attractive choice for black men, and can add flair to a variety of hairstyles. Dreadlocks feature tightly twisted locks forming an elaborate labyrinth of coils. Furthermore, this style requires little maintenance once established if kept clean and twisting is limited – as long as all strands remain undisturbed and not too tightly wound around one another. If you prefer a more refined appearance, opt for medium-length dreadlocks with slight curling to add texture and polish your style. This classic look can be worn with almost any outfit and using a skin fade or taper haircut can further highlight your dreads and bring a bit of edge into the mix. Braiding your dreadlocks into neat space buns is another stylish solution, ideal for young people and easily dressed up with scrunchies or other fun hair accessories.

Twist Hairstyle

Two-strand twists offer the ideal way to achieve stylish twists without needing to wear your hair down, quickly and effortlessly. Not only are two-strand twists easy and fast to style; they can be worn to any special event without worrying about knots and tangles in natural hair. Plus they even help prevent them! This style can last up to two months with proper care; simply moisturize your strands regularly and avoid direct heat exposure. Extensions to a twist hairstyle are an easy and stylish way to gain length and volume. For best results, apply leave-in conditioner and styling gel prior to starting to twist your locks with an equal section rat tail comb before twisting each section around each other, moving back towards your parted hairline until you have created enough flat twists that you secure their ends using either butterfly clips or bobby pins.

Side Part Hairstyle

The Side Part has been around for nearly 50 years. While worn throughout the 20th century, its popularity truly began to flourish during rock and roll era when black culture heavily influenced this look. This hairstyle features short sides and back with longer top hair swept off to one side, often side-swept. Brylcreem works well to style this hairstyle successfully. Add an edge to any look with a classic side part and pompadour combination for an updated take. It adds sophistication to any ensemble, and works particularly well for men with protective styles like box braids and twists. This style is ideal for those with thicker locks as it creates the impression of fullness and volume, and works perfectly on both wavy and straight hair types. Furthermore, its side-swept style is great for formal events as its easy maintenance makes this variation of the Side Part look stylish no matter the dress code!