Easy Buns For Long Hair

Messy buns can help combat frizz while remaining effortlessly chic; unlike other hairstyles, this versatile look can be worn with clean or untidy locks. Here are five expert-approved easy buns for long hair that will turn bedhead and bad hair days into stylish looks.

1. Sloppy Bun with Mohawk Braid

Cutest bun hairstyles tend to be simple. This one combines a compact, sleek bun with tiny knots that add an adorable fauxhawk finish – creating a cute protective style perfect for office work and going out with friends!

2. Rope Braid Bun

An equally charming look is the rope braid bun. This darling hairstyle involves weaving thicker braids into a low bun that works for casual or dressy looks, giving it a pretty and feminine aesthetic while showing off your braiding abilities!

3. Twisted Double Bun

A twisted double bun is an effortless, chic style to pull off quickly for everyday wear. Perfect for formal events such as weddings or casual outings, it can create an instantaneous stylish look in no time!

4. Sloppy Bun with Side Braids

Making chic updos that look polished requires skill and the right styling tools, but even those with shorter locks can achieve a stylish bun in five minutes or less! To achieve this look, the key lies in teasing your hair before using texturizing spray to add volume. Then, take two small sections of hair from each side and braid them loosely, wrapping them around the base of your ponytail to hide the elastic band. Finally, pin your braids at the bottom of your ponytail and add a hair accessory to complete the look.

5. Sloppy Bun with French Braids

By taking your messy bun to the next level with this look, you can elevate its sophistication. Braid the strands to create a cascading crown braid at the nape of your neck before securing them into a low bun for an ideal casual yet formal style! Make this look chic by teasing the lengths and adding a decorative hairpiece.

6. Sloppy Bun with Side Ponytail

Messy buns for long hair create an effortlessly cool vibe when done correctly. Create a low ponytail, then twist its tail into a bun. Take some strands from the bottom of the ponytail and pull them out as part of a frame around your face. Add a spritz of hairspray for extra hold and volume.

7. Sloppy Bun with Twisted Hair

Start by creating a low ponytail, then twist it to form a loop and pin it around the bun’s base. This style gives the bun its signature messy texture and fanning look. Use hairspray and bobby pins for hold.

Whether it’s an early morning rush or you want a chic look at home, the second-day messy bun will come through for you. Use dry shampoo or texturizing spray for maximum texture and hold. Add two crossing braids for extra volume and style when styling this simple low bun.