Dark Hair With Dimension – How to Enhance Dark hair With Lighter Color

Today, we delve into the alluring world of dimensional hair color, combining dark shades with lighter hues to produce beautiful Instagram-friendly styles. From balayage (freehand highlighting technique) and ombre to other methods like dip dyeing or other techniques – dimension color holds the key to gorgeous, enviable locks!

Add caramel pops of color for a vibrant summery look that adds brightness to thick chocolate brown locks.

– This look is easy on the eyes and works with any skin tone.


– If you have dark locks, highlights can add an attractive new dimension without the commitment of going blonde.

– Highlighted dark hair looks stunning with different tones of highlights to frame your face perfectly.

– Your stylist can use foiling, balayage, ombre, or color melting techniques to achieve the look that’s just right.

Brunette highlights

– An ideal way to give dark locks a sun-kissed glow without the brassiness associated with blonde locks.

– Select shades a couple of shades lighter than your natural brown hue for the most authentic-looking results.

– Warm hues work exceptionally well when worn alongside rich chocolate hues.


– Request babylights from your colorist for added movement and texture.

– Easy to maintain and create thicker-looking strands.

– Babylights can give a natural finish while giving the appearance of added dimension.

– Ask your colorist about ombre accents for added dimension!

Playground highlights

– A gradient of different hues lighter than your natural brunette shade.

– Create a natural-looking glow that can easily be refreshed every few weeks for added color boost.

Chestnut highlights

– An ideal low-maintenance highlight option for dark hair.

– This warm brown hue with warm red highlights works beautifully on people with naturally dark strands.

– Can look gorgeous year round.

– Use balayage techniques to add chestnut highlights for an authentic sun-kissed look.

– Cool copper highlights can bring life and shine back to curly locks that previously appeared dull and lifeless.

– Notify your stylist if you have a full head of curls to place highlights around each curl for best results carefully.


– Lowlights can add depth and dimension to dark locks, whether blonde, brown, or somewhere in between.

– Unlike highlights, lowlights blend seamlessly with your natural shade.

– They are easy to maintain between touch-ups.

Lightening your hair gradually

– Conduct a strand test before beginning any hair coloring process.

– Strand tests help your stylist determine how best to achieve your desired blonde hue.

– If you want a taste of the ash blonde trend, ask your colorist to introduce subtle ash brown baby lights around your face for starters.

Lowlights for complexion and personal style

– If you have cool skin and eyes, consider adding caramel highlights or golden beige for an earthy sun-kissed effect.

– Adding lowlights in the appropriate hue can truly brighten up your complexion and add a radiant, glowy effect!