70s hair Women

Feathered Haircut

Feathering your hair creates a light and airy style that is easy to wear throughout the day. Farrah Fawcett made this style popular with her feathered bangs in Charlie’s Angels. To recreate this timeless aesthetic, keep your hair shoulder length with varying lengths of feathered bangs to frame your eyes and cheekbones.

Disco Curls

This look features tight ringlets that frame your face. Short or medium bob cuts are incredibly stunning with this style. Start by washing and conditioning your hair, then apply mousse at the roots for fullness and texture. Finish with flexible hold hairspray for a textured effect.

Natural Hair

Meryl Streep made this layered hairstyle iconic in The Other Boleyn Girl. It works well for women with long, straight hair. Add volume on top and wispy bangs to complete the look. For a whimsical touch, tuck a bouquet into your hair.

Round Halo

A round halo is a popular style for wavy or curly hair. Start by shampooing and conditioning your hair, then air-dry or use an afro pick to add volume. Farrah Fawcett’s feather cut and large flicked sides influenced this style, while the pageboy hairstyle from that era added volume and movement. Pair your pageboy with wispy curtain bangs for an updated look that balances romance with rock ‘n’ roll!