35 Dark hair Inspo Ideas

Bring dimension and vibrancy to your deep brown locks by pairing themthem with warm honey highlights to give depth and a sun-kissed effect. Maintain this look by regularly using color-safe shampoo, conditioner, and heat-protectant products while styling your strands.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a bold shade that works on most skin tones. This stunning hue looks fantastic when worn with wavy or straight strands and is perfect for formal events like prom or weddings.

Dark Honey Highlights

Warm honey highlights can add depth and dimension to dark hair, making for an eye-catching look popular with stars from Sofia Vergara to Emily Ratajkowski and beyond. If you want to try the shade, continue scrolling for 35 ideas that range from barely-there sun-kissed to bold.


Try pale honey blonde, golden honey brown, copper-honey blonde highlights with light golden brown, chestnut brown, or buttery blonde base colors.


TryTry gold or caramel honey brown highlights in medium golden brown, chestnut brown, or red-brown hues as your base for an interesting contrast for an exciting contrast.


To add depth and dimension, try bronze or amber honey brown highlights on a base color like chestnut brown, reddish brown, or chocolate brown.

Upgrade your Brunette locks with the Money Piece Look!

Light face-framing highlights blend beautifully into brown balayage for an impeccable, natural-looking finish, while the toasty tones add warmth and dimension.

Autumn Leaf Brown

There’s nothing quite as perfect for fall as this vibrant hue! A combination of red and brown with copper tones, this hue has long been a fall staple among warm-toned brunettes.

Add Caramel Highlights

Add caramel highlights to your dark hair this season for a subtly stunning look that will turn heads all season long – Regina Hall made this trend iconic, while Mila Kunis experimented with more ombre styles. Either way, you are guaranteed to turn heads!

Zoe Kravitz Inspired

Are you looking to switch up your look this fall? Look no further than Zoe Kravitz for inspiration: her warm-toned ombre of bronde with caramel highlights looks fantastic on both straight and wavy hair types – make sure you purchase an appropriate heat protector to prevent any color fading!

Golden Blonde

Golden blonde is an ideal color to make a bold statement with your hair. Its warm, sun-kissed hue complements all skin tones beautifully and requires just touch-ups every 6-8 weeks for maintenance. Pair this shade with sleek and straight bob cuts, or play up its texture with a wavy pixie cut for an edgier and playful style. Additionally, golden blonde pairs beautifully with bangs, which can be tousled up for an informal and carefree vibe or worn straight for sophisticated beauty.

Brunette with Golden Blonde Highlights

If you’re a brunette looking to lighten up, ask your stylist to add face-framing golden blonde highlights throughout your hair. This will allow for a better blend between natural dark brown roots and the lighter tones without going overboard with shades lighter without overdoing it. Additionally, this subtle transition may allow more time between touch-ups.

Gold Highlights

Golden highlights will add dimension and warmth to your dark locks for a sun-kissed look that complements warm skin tones, such as those seen here with olive skin tones. Ask a stylist in-salon or use the L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Balayage At-Home Highlighting Kit to achieve this desired result.

Go Bold with Rose Gold Balayage

Go for something bold with rose gold balayage, or add strawberry blonde for an exciting change. These bold looks create stunning effects for brunettes looking to make an impactful statement through their hair color choices.

Sandy Balayage

You can also choose a sandy balayage to add cool tones to your strands. This shade borders on light brown and makes an excellent choice for brunettes who wish to avoid warm tones; we especially admire how Johnny Ramirez, celeb colorist extraordinaire, placed these sandy blonde strands onto this wavy brunette lob.