Refresh Dark Hair Colors for Summer

Summer is the ideal season to wear dark hair colors. Consider opting for a deep cocoa shade that resembles modern mocha with caramel accents to enhance beachy waves or tight corkscrew curls.

Lightening Brown Hair Safely

Lightening brown hair for the season is always stunning, but try something like Priyanka Chopra to avoid damage to your locks. A combination of warm and cool tones provides an effective transition towards blonde that won’t turn brassy or yellow throughout the summer.

Caramel Brown Highlights

Caramel brown highlights look amazing on brunette hair. Just ask your stylist to add some lighter tones without looking brassy, giving your locks an instantly refreshed summertime look without going brassy. Or go even lighter to achieve an exciting ginger hue if that suits you better! This look is ideal if you want to experiment with color but are hesitant about fully dyeing your head. Try wearing shades lighter with a balayage technique and adding face-framing caramel highlights that emphasize your best features. No matter the style of your choice – be it straight or curly – golden streaks of caramel-brown hair offer a striking contrast against dark roots.

Cocoa Brown Hair

A hot summer sun can wreak havoc on dark hair, but choosing the appropriate shade can keep it healthy throughout. A cocoa brown or amber honey shade will perfectly complement a bronzy summer glow and prevent brassiness. A color-protecting shampoo such as Shu Uemura Art Of hair Yubi Blonde Anti-Brass Purple Shampoo may be necessary to preserve its look. Add a hint of summer without going too light by adding highlights to your chocolate brown hair. Golden blonde or toasty chestnut highlights will give the desired sunkissed effect without the high maintenance requirements associated with platinum streaks. Cocoa Brown is at the forefront of this summer brunette trend. Her timeless, caramel hue suits many skin tones, never going out of fashion. Cocoa also opts for lowlights to add dimension and a summer splash to her look, pairing these elements with her face-framing blunt cut.

Balayage with Rich Tones

Combine copper tones with brown hair for an eye-catching summer hue if you’re after something lighter. This rich shade will look beautiful against your natural skin tone, perfect as an all-over or subtle highlight color! Be sure to use color-safe shampoo to avoid damaging it with too much bleach! Brunettes can take advantage of the summer sun by adding sunkissed balayage highlights to their dark hair, creating a sunkissed effect with lighter highlights that fade into it seamlessly and blend together for an eye-catching dimensional finish. This alternative to ombre can also work well as it requires no bleach and doesn’t strain hair roots. Mushroom browns pair well with cool skin tones, particularly those that feature cool or silver undertones. But for an unforgettable summertime shade, try adding Hershey bar red for an eye-catching pop! Just be sure to apply it sparingly so as not to go too close to red or orange territory!

Face-Framing: Dark Brown with Caramel Highlights

Dark brown hair is stunning on its own, but try caramel highlights try caramel highlights to add an extra dash of summer glam. These warm tints lighten strands without adding brassiness – ideal for those who wish to touch up roots less frequently. Ask your stylist to place face-framing highlights around the crown of your head and nape for an effortless summer look that still gives off all of its warm vibes. If you have wavy or curly dark brown locks, choose a lighter tone with caramel highlights to bring out their natural bronde hue and complete your alluring look. It looks charming if worn wavy or curly and works exceptionally well on bob cuts. Mushroom browns are usually cool-toned shades that pair beautifully with cold skin tones, yet caramel highlights can soften this rich hue for an irresistibly summery look. Ask your stylist to apply some soft golden blonde highlights around the face, which will revitalize ashy brown strands while providing an evenly toned effect when blended in with other areas of balayage for a seamless result against tanning.