Curly Hair Styles For Guys

Curly-haired men can sometimes find styling their locks more challenging, but they have numerous great styles. An edgy coif with shaved designs adds an edge to your look, especially when combined with a skin fade to highlight defined curls.

Faux Hawk

A classic curly hairstyle for men, the faux hawk is often depicted as individual spikes extending upward from the crown. In reality, this style focuses more on volume and texture to form full curls into an angular form. An effective way to achieve an unruly yet neat style is through applying ample styling products. After styling and hairstyling your hair, use your fingers to work from its edges toward its center with subtle pomade or matte wax strokes for optimal results. An elegant fohawk with a taper fade is ideal for professional men who have an adventurous side yet want their hair to make an impressionful statement. Add an edgy line detail to make the style stand out even further!


A pompadour requires considerable amounts of hair product for its creation, and our matte clay works wonders to hold this look, stiffening up each strand while adding some shine and stiffening them up at the roots. Classic pompadours generally suit most face shapes well; however, if you have a smaller head, they could become too dramatic and top-heavy, only sometimes flattering for men with round faces. If you have a more petite look, pair a taper fade with a shorter pompadour for added balance and emphasis on features. A fade and pompadour style also works great for guys with straight hair who want to add some modern edge; just be sure to groom it regularly using hair gel! It should remain easy enough to maintain overall.


Men with long curly hair have plenty of styling options when it comes to long curly styles for them, from soft quiffs to layered bobs. When growing their coils, use a deep conditioning treatment that leaves thick, full locks. A fade haircut is one of the most accessible styles for men seeking a clean cut that’s simple to style. A combination of low or taper fade, line up, and shaved in parts creates an edgy yet polished style, complete with a slick back pomade. This style works great on most face shapes; additionally, it can be worn casually with a man bun for added dimension.

Side Part

Men with thick locks may find that a side part is an effective style to complement casual and formal looks. This style, in particular, draws attention to the volume and thickness of their locks – adding pomade or clay can further accentuate this look! Thinner hair may also benefit from having a side part, as it helps frame the face and makes for an appealing style that recalls Elvis Presley’s pompadour but with its own distinct flair. Tightly combed sides contrast beautifully with loose waves on top for an ageless yet sophisticated appearance. A side part is an elegant and classic hairstyle that complements all hair textures and lengths. Add an eye-catching pompadour for a look that stands out in any crowd.

Book Cover

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