Dark Brown hair Color Shades

Mahogany brown brings warmth and richness to any mane.

Ideal for warmer skin tones and perfect for shoulder-length locks with waves.

Copper and caramel hues lend this medium brunette shade a beautiful luminosity.

Complementing cool complexions as well as eye colors like blue and green.

Deep Brown Brunette

Dark caramel brown hair looks luxurious and luxurious.

Pairs beautifully with olive complexions with yellow undertones.

To maintain vibrancy, use color-safe products.

Light Ash Brown Highlights

Create an eye-catching and luminous appearance.

Pairs beautifully with fair skin tones and blue/green eyes.

Best applied to medium-length brunette locks.

Soft Brunette Balayage

Offer a subtle yet flattering finish.

Last longer between salon visits.

Cool blonde tones combined with dark chocolate for an eye-catching balayage look.

Mocha Coffee Brunette

Add dimension and dimension to your hairstyle.

Coffee-inspired highlights with cinnamon brown babylights.

Works best on medium skin tones.

Chunky Mocha Highlights

Strategically applied highlights for versatility.

Complement a long bob while adding some summer flair.

Cool-toned balayage technique with buttery blonde highlights and lowlights.

Muted Mushroom Brown

Exudes earthy elegance with semi-ashy brown tones.

Accents of light gray and blonde hues.

It is ideal for those with lighter natural locks.

Deep Caramel Brown

Natural brown hair with seamless caramel highlights.

Request light caramel balayage on a wavy bob.

Semi-permanent dye with no harmful chemicals.

Deep Cocoa Brown

A blend of warm and cool brown shades with balayage.

Dark chocolate brown with blonde highlights framing the face.

Flattering on all complexions, especially light-medium-skinned individuals with blue or green eyes.

Deep Ash Brown

Soften warm hair colors without drastically altering them.

Works well on blondes to decrease brassy red and orange tones.

Golden streaks accentuate this mushroom-brown look.

Dark Chocolate Brown

Suitable for complexions ranging from fair to medium.

For cool golden undertones, opt for dark brown auburn shades.

Looks fantastic with a lob haircut and sun-kissed highlights.

Dark Auburn Brown

A unique shade between browns and reds.

Suitable for all skin tones.

Consider cola brown for a subtler hint of red.