Dark Hair With Balayage

Balayage works wonders on any hair texture, but it truly stands out when applied to long brunette locks. The technique blends natural grey tones while simultaneously lightening your locks without an obvious grow-out pattern allowing you to go longer between appointments. Your stylist will apply a lightener in such a way as to mimic how your natural locks fall for realistic-looking results. To keep your color fresh-looking, use an intensive-nourishing protective oil like Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Hair Oil ($69).

Runway-Inspired Waves

Dark hair with balayage looks particularly striking when styled into waves. The juxtaposition of light and dark tones adds visual interest, while different lengths allow you to experiment with various styles. Contrary to other coloring techniques that require bleaching your hair, balayage uses gradual coloring strokes to give a natural-looking highlight effect. Your stylist will apply the dye with lighter strokes nearer the roots and darker strokes at the ends to prevent obvious grow-out and create beautiful, natural-looking highlights for you. Rich chestnut brown balayage will make for an irresistibly luxurious long layers style, especially when worn in layers and styled into beach waves for added dimension. Pair this look with any kind, from a wavy bob to a layered lob, for the ideal effect. It will highlight your eyes, soften facial features, and look fabulous styled into loose beach waves – this look works exceptionally well on women with warm skin tones!


The lob haircut is elegant for women with short to medium-length hair. The trending style is highly flattering for all face shapes, as well as all types of hair textures and styles. Balayage is an excellent color technique to add subtle dimension without needing constant maintenance as highlights do; this approach means months between salon visits! Soft brown balayage is an elegant solution for dark hair. This coloring option offers a natural transition from deep brown to light blonde and looks gorgeous on all hair textures. To add visual interest and depth, consider adding warm golden shades to your mix for extra depth and dimension. A textured lob with bangs is an effortlessly chic way to show off your new hue. It is ideal for naturally wavy or curly locks; it can easily be styled with a side parting to highlight face-framing and face-framing highlights.

Curly Ringlets

If you prefer something less eye-catching than high-contrast somber hairstyles, ask your stylist to create a subtler balayage look for natural or curly locks. Soft caramel and golden shades will blend beautifully into the bouncy tendrils for a modern yet relaxed style that won’t go out of fashion soon. Dark balayage looks striking when blended in with warm copper tones that incorporate reddish undertones without becoming overtly red. Wear yours in tousled locks and waves for added warmth to your face. For an understated approach, try adding chocolate brown balayage to a bob with layers that extend past the chin. It will not only add dimension, but will also grow out beautifully and reduce salon visits over time – not to mention this shade works with almost every facial structure and hairstyle!

Side Curls

Suppose you’re a brunette looking to lighten your locks without the upkeep associated with highlights and lowlights. In that case, balayage might be needed to lighten them naturally and seamlessly with the color of your natural locks, creating an exquisite fading effect. If your balayage is done correctly, the result will be an authentic-looking ombre effect, whether your hair has short or long strands. For an eye-catching date night look, curl your strands on one side to give this style added drama. An ash blonde balayage on dark hair is ideal for showing that blondes don’t have all the fun! Ask your colorist to highlight just the ends of your locks with this delicate hue, leaving the rest to grow naturally for an effortless yet low-maintenance look.