Dina constantly updates herself with current trends and styles by learning new techniques that keep up with them. She owns Dream Studios with her husband, providing styling, coloring, wig, and barber services.


The term barber comes from the Latin “Barba,” or beard, and early records reveal that barbers were among the first medicine men in ancient tribes when people believed good spirits entered through their head while bad ones came through hair. Barbers would arrange marriages, baptize children, and practice various skills from fire cupping to neck manipulation as part of their professions* Data obtained independently without connection to Campus (formerly MTI College).

hair Extensions

hair extensions can add depth and dimension to any style. Perfect for trying out something new, like trying out different colors or just lengthening a shorter cut over time, choosing the ideal extensions requires selecting those which blend seamlessly with your natural locks, making them undetectable, and regularly washing, blow-drying, and styling to maintain that perfect look.


Wigs have long been stigmatized, yet they can be powerful tools for those suffering from medical treatments and conditions that lead to hair loss. Wigs have also become popular tools of style creation among black queer people and musicians seeking creative expression and being part of drag balls and other events.

hair Color

Salon professionals are invaluable regarding hair color; their expertise ensures you can achieve precisely the hue you’re after without damaging your strands in the process. This is particularly crucial if you want an advanced shade, like that seen on celebrities such as Lizzo and Dreezy. Perkins from New York City salon recommends an expensive brand that delivers excellent results with minimal damage: she prefers one that doesn’t emit an odd odor. At the same time, clients frequently compliment how soft and shiny their locks feel after she colors them! She recommends one such brand by Perkins herself, who uses it herself on clients whose locks she colors them: she loves its soft scent; her clients often compliment how smooth and shiny their locks become afterward!