High Light Designs For Blue Anime hair

If you’re tired of your natural color and want a change, you can have a high light design created. A high light is a contrasting shade of color that adds body and shine to the hair. The same goes for lowlights, which give that more texture and volume. A combination of both high and lowlights is what gives celebrities their signature look: a creamy, blended blonde. Margot Robbie and Sofia Richie both have ash brown highlights with silver and black strands.

High Light and Low Light Designs For Boys


There are several ways to create your own high light and lowlight designs. For example, you can create a layered style with soft layers on top, using a flat iron. Adding highlights to that is a great way to add some dimension to fine hair. To get a look similar to Mulder’s, you’ll need to use the right products for that type. A color protectant shampoo, heat protectant, and moisture treatments are all essentials.