Cutting Layers in Long hair

Cutting layers into long hair effectively adds texture, depth, and movement to your style while reducing weight. It can create deep training and life in any look. One technique is slide cutting, where you make face-framing layers by slowly sliding a section forward and clipping it in place to serve as a length guide.

Chunky Layers

Chunky layers are great for adding volume and dimension to long hair. They can accentuate jawlines or foreheads and be styled into bangs or waves. Celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Rihanna have rocked this style, with Jennifer’s layers creating a V shape around her face and Rihanna’s side-swept curtain bangs complementing her long, layered hair.

Layers Around the Face

Framing your face with long layers can add movement, volume, and texture without the heaviness of thicker strands. This technique works well with curly or wavy locks, giving them more definition and structure. C-shaped layers that form a V-like silhouette on each side of the face provide a subtle look and have been popular among celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt and TikToker @barbiebrignoni. Dry-cutting can help prevent holes from developing around the perimeter, ensuring a more accurate and even cut.

Layers in the Back

When layering long hair, the back is an important aspect to consider. Framing layers seamlessly blending into the overall cut can soften the look while retaining its edginess. Thicker hair may benefit from lengthening layers in the back, making styling easier with a bob or straight-layered haircut. Adding layers around the face can add dimension and movement for curly or wavy hair. The “unicorn ponytail” technique, where you gather the hair into a ponytail near the forehead and then cut from the ends, can help visualize how the layers will blend before committing to the cut.

Layers in the Sides

Long layers can bring shape, movement, and volume to long locks. They can add texture and character to simple bob styles, and ombre layers can play up color variation in darker hues. Side-parted curtain bangs with angled fringe sections create a stunning look with a tapered shape. To achieve this style, comb the hair down to create an even and symmetrical foundation, then part it slightly off-center and make delicate cuts with the shears to maintain the desired length and shape.