How to Style Your Hair With hair Glitter

Glitter Roots

– Use glitter roots to add sparkle to your hair without dyeing it.

– Mix medium-hold gel and glitter of your desired color.

– Apply the mixture to your roots using a hair coloring brush for precise application.

– Set your glitter roots with VO5’s Fixing Spray for Glitter.

– Use natural oils to hydrate your hair before applying glitter to prevent damage.

Glitter Braids

– Add color and sparkle to your hair with glitter braids.

– Use glitter hair paint or hair tinsel for easy application.

– Part your hair into two French braids that meet in the middle.

– Apply shades of glitter to each braid, letting some fall onto loose strands for an added flourish.

– Add temporary hair dye before adding glitter for a subtle glitter look.

Glitter Updos

– Add shimmer to your half-up hairstyle or pixie bob with glitter updos.

– Sprinkle glitter onto your parting to create a snow-like effect.

– Experiment with adding glitter to the roots for more vibrancy.

– Create glitter streaks by applying gel and sprinkling loose glitter onto sections of your hair.

Glitter Ponytails

– Jazz up your ponytail with sparkle and shine using glitter.

– Use hairspray with biodegradable ingredients for environmental preservation.

– Use glitter gel to secure loose sequins and glitters.

– Opt for glitter hairspray for a more subtle shimmer that washes out easily.

Glitter Extensions

– Add shimmer and sparkle to your hair with hair tinsel.

– Attach glitter strands directly to individual strands of your hair.

– Choose from various colors to match your hair or create a playful effect.

– Take photographs in a dim room with one light source to highlight the glitter’s details.

– Get creative with videos or Boomerangs to show off your glittery hair.