Styles For Short Curly hair – Edgar Model


The best style for curly  is a sleek pixie cut, but there are many other styles you can try if you have short curly tresses. Here are some great tips for getting short curls: Sculpting Dry Cut – Avoid brushing or pulling your curls. Sculpting Dry Cut works on shoulder length and longer hair with tight curls. This method uses a low heat setting and clean water-soluble conditioner.

When cutting curly hair short, it is best to cut thick pieces first. This will ensure that you have less breakage and that the ends don’t flatten. You can then comb out the section and pin back the trimmed sections. When trimming curly hair, you can cut it at a downward angle to create texture. For even more hair-friendly results, try using a satin pillowcase. You can also use a diffuser to soften the air as you comb.