5 Trendy Boys Hairstyles For 2010

Nothing says youthful, playful, and fun like a full head of big curls for children. This style will show off their adorable cheeks while keeping hair out of their eyes and away from causing hassles.

This modern cut is the ideal combination of edge and elegance, featuring a burst fade and long, textured layers on top.

This hairstyle could be ideal if you want your son to look young and trendy. This classic style features a low fade with side-swept bangs to add volume. Additionally, faux hawks look fantastic.

The short, top haircut is an effortless style for boys who wish to express themselves visually with bold, eye-catching looks that require little maintenance and upkeep.

A mid fade with a side quiff is another stylish, modern boy haircut. This look combines a short, neat side fade with longer locks on top to form a voluminous coif that can easily be maintained by adding some pomade to their locks.

The disconnected fade is ideal for boys who favor clean, classic looks. This haircut keeps the sides shorter while leaving some length on top, which can be styled back using matte clay or light pomade.

Goldilocks wore her clothing just right, which included flannels that were too big, nightgowns that were too soft, and PJs that fit Baby Bear just right – medium-length haircuts have become all the rage this year. Falling between the chin and collarbone, this length offers versatility when introducing styling techniques, bangs, layers, or colors.

This style provides boys with a clean, versatile look. It features short sides and back hair, while the top section can be styled in numerous ways, including upward spikes. Comb-overs also work great with curly locks, making this an excellent way to show off individuality – you can opt for low, mid, and high fades and skin or taper fades for this cut!

Longer hair has become more fashionable for boys as they enter their teenage years, particularly as they transition into male fashion trends. This style suits boys well when worn with a disconnected top and faded sides for an edgy, modern aesthetic appropriate for school.

This unique boys’ hairstyle offers a distinctive style for young boys with curly or wavy locks and oval-shaped faces. Low maintenance requirements with its excellent fade can further accentuate natural textures while complementing casual clothing during family or friend outings.

The fade haircut is an iconic and fresh option for boys. We are featuring short sideburns and backlocks, with longer locks on top. Depending on the occasion, this look can either be brushed back or styled into a pompadour; to further elevate this style, add texturizing pomade into it for added dimension.

This textured crop is one of the top options for all hair types, including wavy and curly locks. Plus, its taper fade keeps things tidy without tightening too much!