Cute Summer Haircuts

Add feminine charm to your look with a trendy summer haircut! Keep things simple with a half-up ponytail, or add face-framing bangs like Priyanka Chopra for an eye-catching romantic and chic style. A jagged bob is an effortless look that flatters all hair textures and facial structures. Accent it with subtle pink highlights for the ultimate summer vibe!

1. Long Pompadour

If you have long hair, the pompadour style can add extra height. Just be sure to slick back your locks using gel or hair wax and create the right fringe length to make this dapper style work for you. The classic pompadour style features long hair on top that gradually gets shorter towards the back and sides for an easy yet sophisticated look that works well in both formal and casual settings. Another variation of the pompadour involves short sides and back hair being styled into an attractive style using sharp spikes of hair on either side. This modern pompadour haircut is great for men looking for shorter types with eye-catching, unique features.

2. Straight Bangs

If you want short, straight locks without going full-pixie, adding face-framing bangs may be needed to bring out their full potential. This beautiful summer style provides the best of both worlds – it works beautifully as both an informal look and a formal event like a night fashion party! Straight hair can appear dull when worn with a standard middle part. By adding volume, however, your strands will stand out against their surrounding locks, adding visual interest and texture. Tease and comb to one side to achieve this stunning style! Long strands in a sandy blonde hue paired with charmingly side-swept bangs will never go out of style. This timeless haircut can instantly transform any casual summer ensemble into a chic event; its layers add extra movement, and subtle angles add sophistication. It flatters most face shapes, too, easily adjusted to your desired length, whether brushing against cheekbones or elegantly reaching your chin.

3. Lilac Hair Color

Lilac hair meets silver and pink to create an exquisite and sophisticated look. This stunning look begins with natural brown roots that blend into lilac-infused magenta auburn undertones with silvery pink ends framed by an underlayer of icy blue for dimension, making this stunning lilac hue stand out. If you need more time to be ready to commit to full-on lilac dyeing, try a subtle lilac ombre instead. This look features a dark brunette base, gradually transitioning into an eye-catching shade of soft lilac with violet undertones. This hue makes a stunning statement when styled into beachy waves! Pastel shades make any look daring! Take your lilac ombre hair to the next level by adding chunky purple highlights to your ash blonde locks, creating vibrant pops of color that blend perfectly with lighter tones, and the cool hues of lilac and peony-peach contrast beautifully against warm blonde roots for an eye-catching finish that will have everyone asking where you got it done! This look will have everyone talking!

4. Short and Soft Waves

Waves in short hair for summer are simple with the right styling products. To achieve this look, use texturizing or sea salt spray through each strand and let dry before creating soft beachy curls using fingers – bangs may need a romantic finish by curling slightly under. If you want to protect your hair from the heat and sun this summer, try styling a low ponytail like Tessa Thompson’s or a half-up bun with long curtain bangs like Priyanka Chopra’s. Or keep things classic by styling with a sleek, straight middle part and slicking down your bob as Grace Vanderwaal does. Create an eye-catching summertime look by pairing your chin-length bob with face-framing bangs that frame the face. Finish it off with a hot pink lip for maximum impact!