Cute Summer Haircuts

Sipping pina coladas or relaxing in a pool float, we know you want your hair looking its best all summer long. That’s why we curated some cute summer haircuts to give your effortless style.

Blonde Bob

The classic blonde bob has long been seen as a mark of feminine sophistication. This trendy yet sophisticated short style features a center part and cute curls for added charm and appeal, as well as providing more natural coloring to the haircut.

If you want a casual yet girly look for your summer, try opting for this blonde blunt cut bob. Its chin-length haircut creates a flattering frame for your face, while its wispy bangs highlight your eyes and cheekbones.

Queer Eye host Jonathan Van Ness recently made headlines for debuting a honey-blonde bob, garnering immediate fan praise in the form of hashtags like hairgoals and “queen.” This adorable summer hairdo pairs well with denim jeans as well as formal wear, creating an ageless and flattering look perfect for women of all ages!

Short Hairstyle with Bangs

Short haircuts with bangs offer the ideal solution for those seeking something a bit different without cutting too much length off their locks. This classic hairstyle exudes natural beauty, making it suitable for women of all ages and generations.

Layered pixie cuts with straight bangs are another fun summer hairstyle to try if you enjoy playing around with your look. Achieving maximum impact while still looking neat and tidy is easy with this hairstyle!

This style is especially flattering on square or oval-shaped faces, while also creating more volume for those with fine hair. Additionally, Dove Amino Restore 1 Minute Serum Conditioner helps keep strands healthy and hydrated with its amino-infused serum capsules and moisture-balancing ingredients, preventing frizz for a sexy look!

Short Hairstyle with Soft Waves

If you want a cute, feminine look with naturally wavy hair and want a short layered haircut with soft curls, consider opting for a short layered haircut with short layers at the crown and longer ones in back – this style can help flatter the shape of your face while taming thick, voluminous locks.

An angled cut creates a dramatic, eye-catching asymmetrical shape, making an impressionful statement from all sides. Add drama with side bangs by lengthening their length.

A timeless bob with soft waves and a deep part is flattering for all face shapes. For an extra stylish touch, ask your hairdresser to incorporate subtle yet natural-looking balayage highlights throughout your short wavy bob. When finished, spritz it with hairspray before tucking it behind your ears to show off this summertime beauty!

Messy Shoulder-Length Bob

If you’re searching for an easy summer haircut that adds visual texture, look no further than the messy shoulder-length bob. Ideal for women with medium to coarse textures, this hairstyle can be styled in various ways to fit your personal aesthetic and requirements.

Explore different products to enhance texture, such as dry texturizing spray or light hold hairspray. Don’t forget to finger comb your locks after styling for an authentic messy look!

Alternatively, try pairing a sleek shoulder-length blunt bob with thick straight-across bangs for an eye-catching face-framing finish. Add depth and dimension by using subtle balayage techniques – gold and caramel highlights work especially well when applied over dark brunette hair to set an inviting and feminine vibe.