Half Black Half Blonde Hairstyles

The trend of half-blonde and half-blackhalf-black hair hasquickly gained popularity for its modern edge. It can suit a range of face shapes while working well with various hair textures. To lighten your hair, it must stay healthy before beginning the dyeing process. Doing this will protect strands from damage while helping the color lift more quickly and successfully.

Color Contrast

Half-blonde half, black hairstyles are an eye-catching and daring style, perfect for adding an unexpected and dramatic element to any look. While this trend often appears on shorter cuts such as pixie bobs or buzz cuts, it can also be worn in longer lengths for an alternative feminine or masculine style. DependingDepending upon your experience level with hair coloring, you can achieve the look yourself at home. However, for first-timers, visiting a salon professional for expert guidance and assistance may be beneficial.

Whatever two-tone hairstyle you opt for, be it full blonde or just adding peekaboo pops of colored strands, this trend will turn heads and steal the show! Below are 30 inspirational ideas for wearing your new two-tone look.


Strawberry blonde highlights can create a striking yet effortless style, adding vibrant pops of color to wavy brown locks and brightening up your complexion. Golden blonde highlights can add an elegant and glamorous look. Their natural colors perfectly accentuate your calm face and work well with any tans or suntans you possess. Red highlights can also make an excellent statement, provided they’re adequately applied by an experienced stylist who lightens your locks first so the red doesn’t “bleed” onto any blonde strands and cause unnecessary discoloration. Play with the placement of your highlights as you apply them, from thin highlights that appear natural to bolder streaks, adding drama. For an understated approach, lowlights offer an alternative that blends seamlessly with curly or wavy dark brown locks rather than standing out too much from their natural color.


Half-blonde half, black hairstyles with bangs add a unique edge to your style and can soften harsh facial features, especially strong jawlines and elongated features. Long, messy bangs work wonders on strong jawlines when worn with medium-length, half-blonde, half-black locks. Ask your stylist about using balayage for an elegant twist on this trend. This technique allows the lighter shade to gradually blend with darker roots for an organic and subtle contrast that looks beautiful and natural. This half-blonde half-black look can work beautifully on any haircut style, but is especially noticeable if you sport a pixie cut or shag haircut. You could even accent double-colored strands by adding peekaboo highlights!


This eye-catching ombre style combines rich, warm browns and vibrant blonde hues for an eye-catching, eye-pleasing contrast. This mahogany brown features violet and red undertones that perfectly complement the coppery strawberry blonde shade used to lighten midshaft and ends. More astonishing brunettes can also make a statement with this trend by employing an ombre color using an icy blonde hue as the bottom hue, which suits neutral skin tones and minimizes grow-out lines. Niecy Nash’s face-framing golden highlights are an impressive example of an ombre color combination. This ombre style requires two steps of coloring your hair: dying it dark brown first, then bleaching to create the gradient effect. Experienced stylists should be hired for this look to achieve its best impact.

Temporary Color

Temporary dyes offer less damaging and semi-permanent solutions when coloring your locks, with results washing out after six or eight shampoos. Plus, fleeting hues allow you to experiment with exotic shades before committing permanently! These coloring treatments come in liquid, chalk, and powder forms and use various peroxide levels for maximum impact and coverage. The stronger the peroxide concentration is, the brighter and deeper its color will appear. Regardless of your experience level or skill set regarding hair color, Madison Reed has beautiful yet simple-to-use products to help you achieve beautiful half-brown/half-blonde locks. Check out our collection and discover your ideal shade!