Cute Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Braided and Twisted Styles for Shoulder Length Hair

Braiding and twisting can be great fun if you have shoulder-length hair.

Low Ponytail for Casual Looks

Try styling your shoulder-length hair into a low ponytail that draws out your stunning blue eyes for casual looks.

Simple Ponytails for Everyday and Formal Events

Simple ponytails can quickly transform from everyday to glamorous in seconds with just a few quick teasing steps, making this style ideal for formal events or job interviews.

Peekaboo Highlights for Subtle Hair Changes

Peekaboo highlights are an easy and effective way to add some flare or subtly change your look.

Peekaboo Game and Cognitive Skills

Peekaboo is a classic children’s game that helps build cognitive skills.

Pink Peekaboo Highlights for Fair Skin

Your hair doesn’t have to be blonde or brown to benefit from gorgeous yet subtle pink peekaboo highlights, especially for those with fair skin!

Cool-Tone Blonde Shades for Cooler Skin Tones

Cool blonde shades such as platinum or Scandinavian blonde can have silvery-whitish undertones that pair beautifully with cooler skin tones.

Warm Blonde Hues for a Pop of Color

Warm blonde hues like caramel, honey, and strawberry make your complexion pop!

Shoulder Length Bob with Teased Crown for Glamour

Maintain the glamorous style with this shoulder-length bob featuring a teased crown for instant glamour.

Embracing Natural Texture with Shoulder Length Hair

This year is about celebrating natural texture, and shoulder-length hair is ideal for showing it off in its best light.

Layered Haircuts for Adding Volume

Layered haircuts featuring short, choppy layers can add volume to thin locks without adding bulk.

Face-Framing Bangs for Thick Curls

Opt for a long bob with face-framing bangs if your locks have thicker curls.

Wavy Styles for Medium Thickness Hair

Wavy styles work well for those with medium-thickness hair.

Curtain Bangs for Showing Off Natural Locks

The latest bang trend – curtain bangs – are parted midway so they cover your forehead like curtains, showing off all your natural locks’ qualities to their fullest potential!

Chin-Length Bangs for Casual and Feminine Finish

Donning a chin-length bang with choppy, piece-y fringe will create an adorable casual and feminine finish.

Sweeping Back Style for a Daring and Sophisticated Look

Try the more daring and sophisticated style of sweeping back with a cascade of loose waves and hairspray for a chic, polished look suitable for work and date night.

Styling Lobs in Different Ways

Long bob haircuts or lobs that end at or just below the collarbone look amazing on all hair textures and can be styled in many ways.

Long Bob or Lob Haircuts for Oval Faces

Long bob or lob haircuts can help to soften an oval-shaped face by layering and volume on top.

Shoulder Length Hair with Eye-Catching Headwrap

Display your exotic personality pridefully by accessorizing your beautiful shoulder-length hair with an eye-catching headwrap.

Copper Color for Shoulder Length Wavy Hair

Copper is an eye-catching color for this season and pairs beautifully with shoulder-length wavy hair.

Professionally Done Copper Dye and Highlights

When dyeing your copper locks, ensure you get it done professionally to ensure flawless results.

Balayage for Added Dimension

Add some balayage or baby lights for added dimension for something different than just highlights.