VSCO Girl Hairstyles

1. Messy buns

VSCO girls love rocking a classic and elegant style without overdoing it. Try this messy bun tutorial designed for lob-length hair. It only requires pins to complete! You can also demonstrate your French braid skills with this easy hairstyle. Pair the messy buns with a playful bun cuff and a headband for added feminine style. Bring back the ’80s crimped hair trend for a trendy twist by separating damp strands into mini-braids around a classic chignon. This style works best on thin or medium-textured long hair and can be accessorized with pearls and sunglasses for formal events.

2. Soft waves

Soft waves have become one of the go-to hair trends for VSCO girls. This stunning yet effortless style doesn’t require heat tools or braids. You can achieve soft waves with pin curl clips and some styling products. VSCO girls are known for their carefree and relaxed personalities and their socially and environmentally-focused causes. You might spot them wearing Nike shorts and tank tops with “Save The Sea Turtles” emblazoned across them, colorful Hydroflask bottles, and retro backpacks. They also love wearing puka shell necklaces and stacking their arms with Pura Vida bracelets. To complete the VSCO girl look, they often wear babydoll t-shirts with cute patterns and adorable scrunchies.

3. Space buns

VSCO girl style draws upon the 90s and surfer influences, known for favoring friendship jewelry such as shell necklaces. They often prefer long hair with high half-up, half-down buns, or double buns for an edgy look. Accessorize the space buns with a textured scrunchie to complete the VSCO girl aesthetic. Space buns, a trend from the 90s, are returning now. You can achieve these bouncy front ponytails using elastics and music as background. This hairstyle has effortless charm and effectively highlights your face and features, making it perfect for outdoor activities or music festivals.

4. Braided hair

VSCO girls love adding accessories to their outfits, including puka shell necklaces, handmade friendship bracelets, and scrunchies. They are also fans of eco-conscious brands like Hydro Flask and Fjallraven Kanken. VSCO girls often wear slip-on skateboarding shoes like Vans or Crocs. They take photos with instant cameras and enjoy the laidback lifestyle associated with VSCO girl trends. To achieve the VSCO look, remember to complete your ensemble with a cute braid.