Cute Hairstyles to Try at School

Starting a new school year is like celebrating New Year’s all over again: with clean lockers, organized notebooks, and the chance to experiment with cute hairstyles. We’ve compiled this list of quick, stylish looks for everyday style enhancement.

1. Low pony

Low ponytail hairstyles are simple, timeless classics. Ideal for running to the gym quickly or dressing up for date night, low ponytails provide a sleek yet effortless style that’s easy to achieve.

2. Twisted pony

The ponytail often gets an unfavorable reputation as an everyday hairstyle, but you can easily elevate this cute style by adding twists and braids. A twisted pony is a perfect solution when oversleeping has left no time for showering, as it creates a natural-looking texture without heat styling.

3. Twisted pigtail

If you want a fun twist on the traditional pigtail, try this style! Featuring long twists hanging from behind your head for an airy, beachy vibe – it is an effective way to keep hair out of your face while leaving some flattering face-framing strands intact!

4. Twisted top knot

Top knots are a low-maintenance hairstyle perfect for any event or special occasion, from formal affairs to everyday casual events. Try this chic style featuring side bangs for added drama, or keep things more straightforward by opting for a more subtle bun to keep hair out of your face and out of the way during daily tasks.

5. French braid

French braids have long been associated with romantic and feminine looks, yet they can be just as fashionable and fashionable. Pairing French braids with low ponytails produces an eye-catching yet sophisticated style perfect for work or special events.