Taking Care of Your New Favorite Hair Cut!

Model Ideas for Asian Longhairs

The Oriental Longhair or Persian Longhair cat is actually a subspecies of the Standard Persian Cat. It looks more like the Standard Persian with slightly longer Hair. The Oriental Longhairs are said to have originated from China and then later on, they moved across to Europe and then to America. As stated by some breeders, the Asian Longhairs are almost in the same category as the Persian cats.

The Oriental Long is another variety of domestic long-Haired cat. Like the Standard Longhairs, it belongs to the “Fur Coat” category of cat breeds. The Oriental LongHair shares some common characteristics with the Standard Longhairs, including the large Hair for a long-haired breed and a silky texture on the Hair shaft. Owing to its long hair and silky hair shaft, the Oriental Longhair maintains a high level of grooming, making it a very popular pet breed.

The newest design that’s taking the cat world by storm is the Oriental Longhair. Not only is it very sleek and shiny, but it also has a cute yet unique personality. It can be very difficult to take care of, but this breed is worth every moment in the grooming department. If you are looking for a quick and easy style for yourself or a friend, the Asian Longhair might be for you. Here’s how to care for your new pet:

Model Ideas For Oriental Longhairs

The Oriental Long is an attractive variety of domestic, short hair cat. It is very closely related to the Persian Shorthair, but it lacks the long coat of the former. It shares many of the same characteristics with the Short hair breed, including: high activity level, intelligence and pleasing appearance, but with a longer hair and bluish-gray color that are closer to that of the Persian Shorthairs. The Oriental Longhair in registries, like the Persian Shorthairs, is often a separate breed altogether.

The Oriental Longhair cat is a beautiful variety of domestic long-haired cat. It is very similar to the Oriental Shorthair, only with a longer hair. The Oriental Longhair usually exists in cat registries as an independent breed. Few owners register the breed, although many purebred cats do exist.