Oriental Longhair – A Newcomer to the Cat World

Oriental longhair cats are relatively newcomers to the cat world and trace their heritage back to Siamese cats. Like their counterparts, oriental longhair cats exhibit high activity levels while remaining curious and friendly companions.


Oriental longhairs are intelligent, social cats who thrive when included in family life. They are not suited to living alone and tend to become attached to one specific owner. They have a delicate appearance but can be unexpectedly fierce. They come in close to 300 coat colors and patterns.


Oriental longhair cats resemble their Siamese ancestor in appearance and poise. They have sleek bodies with graceful forms, long tapering wedge-shaped heads, wide-based ears, medium-sized eyes, and unusual eyes of multiple colors.


Oriental longhairs are active cats who enjoy plenty of activity and attention. They are great choices for families with children and other pets. Daily brushings and professional dental cleanings are important for their health.


Oriental longhair cats are highly intelligent and curious. They thrive in households that provide them with plenty of stimulation. They make great companions for families with respectful children and other pets. Litter box training and obedience training are essential.