Cute Hairstyles For Teens

Cute hairstyles for teens are easy to achieve and create an irresistibly doll-like appearance, perfect for parties, and can even be worn with stunning long gowns.

If your teenage girl has wavy or curly hair, try this style! A full puff will look gorgeous on them and impress their crush.

Side Braid

A side braid is an elegant hairstyle for teens that will add sophistication to their appearance, perfect for formal dinners and proms, especially on dark-to-light ombre hair. Tie a ponytail at the back of your head and divide it into two sections; cross one over and tie with an elastic to secure. Utilize this quick and simple hairstyle for medium-length hair. Tease the crown before brushing out to achieve an easy yet casual look.

Messy Ponytail

If you’re a girl with either dark or light hair looking for something different to try out, consider the messy ponytail style. It creates volume and an interesting textured effect around your neck and face area. This look works exceptionally well on an icy silver or vibrant purple hue; it’s sure to draw eyeballs wherever it goes! Teens looking for chic and fashionable looks may enjoy this look, which is perfect for parties and night-outs with their girlfriends. Don’t be concerned by any loose hairs – they only add character!

Wavy Side Ponytail

A side ponytail looks feminine and elegant, perfect for girls who prefer sleek finishes! Add an accent of fun by using pink pastel hair color for this style! This cute hairstyle works great on all hair textures, and fabulous hair. Add some texturizing spray to damp hair for the finishing touch! If she wants something edgier, try a diagonal French braid with loose face-framing strands – this chic updo works exceptionally well when worn with a tiara!

High Ponytail

This charming hairstyle is an excellent option for any special event, drawing the eyes upward and emphasizing your makeup and facial structure. Additionally, it adds a dash of personality to your look! Be a ladylike 50s girl with this stylish style from the 1950s! Gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie for an effortlessly beautiful look. If you have side bangs, try teasing them close to your ponytail base for added volume and to frame your face with soft, seductive lines. It will create an ideal, smooth, yet sophisticated look!


Your teenager can wear her curly locks in an eye-catching and chic style by creating a side messy ponytail and setting the tone with a light-hold hairspray. Flaunt gorgeous blonde locks with this breathtaking girly look! Braid your top strands into two middle-parted space buns, adding a bow hair tie as an adorable finishing touch for an alluring feminine style. A wavy puff is another fantastic style option for teens with long hair. Create this style by dividing your locks into three sections, braiding them towards your forehead before securing them with elastic bands, and spraying them with hairspray.

Sleek Ombre

Teenagers have many hairstyle options to choose from. If your teen has thin locks, try the sleek ombre style for something chic. This stunning style fades from an ash blonde to a striking bleach blonde shade, providing a unique yet attractive style for warm skin tones. The combination is highly flattering to anyone. Your teen will stand out in class with this soccer-inspired cut! A scissor cut and a brush-up create an appealing, modern,, trendy look.

Braided Headband

Display your feminine side with a braided headband! This is a great protective style for teenagers with long strands, and adding beads will further accentuate its charm. This adorable hairstyle is ideal for teens with long, wavy locks. Use a hair serum to keep strands smooth and tidy. Create a middle part and pull the length to one side; gently tease out some loose strands for texture.

Braided Braids

A braided side ponytail offers a lively and feminine style ideal for teenage girls. Add large hairpins on one side of your head to make this style even more noticeable for a bold statement look. When worn, a black ruffled hair pixie is stylish and distinctive, creating an eye-catching impression. It is ideal for young ladies wanting to show their independence and assertiveness. Add colorful hair extensions to cornrows for a unique and eye-catching look and to give them some added personality when feeling down. Doing this is also a great way of injecting positivity and color into your face when times get tough.