The Best Undercut Hairstyles For Men

An undercut is an iconic look that works well with most hair colors and can be tailored to meet the individual.

Gives a sleek and polished look

Lofty Styles: Pompadours or Side Quiffs

Adds volume and style

Fohawks with Faded Undercuts

Afro Undercut with Braids

Interested in braids but looking for an edgier edge? Try this chic nape undercut design.

Slick Back Undercut with Disconnect

For an eye-catching undercut with an unexpected twist, consider this striking look.

Side-Swept Undercut with Hard Parts

It is a popular and youthful look that works well with long hair.

Spiky Version of Side-Swept Undercut

An eye-catching and dynamic option for those looking to display their texture and personality.

Side-Swept Undercut with Soft Parts

It is one of the most versatile hairstyles for men, working well with any hair.

Side-Swept Undercut with Facial Hair

Take the undercut style further with this variation featuring hard parting and facial hair on top.

Medium Long hair Undercut with Beard or Mustache

It is ideal for those with medium-long hair looking for a balance of face shape.