The Best Undercut Hairstyles For Men

Undercuts add an eye-catching edge to long locks, making a statement without having to go the extreme route of shaving off all your locks. They work great with any style, from pixie to long bob-cut hair.

Disconnected Undercut

The disconnected undercut is an eye-catching style for fashion-conscious men. This fade haircut with shaved sides is easy to maintain and allows you to accentuate geometric hairlines through braiding. Request from your barber a disconnected undercut with a tapered fade around the nape and arches, featuring longer top strands that can be styled into a pompadour to suit your personality and straightened hair. This style works particularly well on people with straight locks and an angular jawline.

Wavy Undercut

If you have wavy hair, an undercut can be an ideal way to showcase its texture. Pair this look with an extra low temple and back fade, and you have an effortlessly stylish style that’s easy to maintain. This hairstyle features a wavy texture for an exciting, rebellious aesthetic that pairs nicely with its clean side and back fade. Additionally, its shaved pattern will catch anyone’s attention and turn heads everywhere you go.

Side Undercut

The side undercut is an excellent way to add character and flair to any short hairstyle. From small shaved lines to full-blown side fringes, the look will make an impressionful statement about who wears what. People with medium and long locks can opt for the classic fohawk. Its slightly chaotic texture pairs beautifully with the faded undercut fade, and maintenance of this style requires only texturizing products to achieve it.

Hidden Undercut

From a distance, this bob hairstyle appears as a simple side-parted chin-length bob style, but closer inspection reveals an eye-catching undercut design with subtle yet stunning details. The rich shade of natural blonde locks further emphasizes this striking shaved pattern,, creating a chic and edgy look at once. Are you looking to experiment with an undercut without making drastic changes? This sexy long-hair idea hides your shaved nape triangle undercut until you unveil it! Complement it with coquette braids or an exciting ponytail, and show off your bold side.

Layered Undercut

A layered undercut is a fantastic style for men with long hair who want something both dapper and wild; pull back your locks into a topknot to reveal a short-shaved section underneath. Add an eye-catching pop of color to your undercut by dying it with an unexpected hue, like misty blue. It adds an eye-catching appeal while remaining appropriate for office or school environments.

Distressed Undercut

Try this disconnected style if you prefer the long, on-the-top look of an undercut but want something a bit more extreme than a fade. Wear it with complex parts for an aggressive look, or leave your locks looser for more subtle results. From a distance, this haircut may resemble a side-parted undercut; however, upon closer examination, it’s much bolder thanks to its shaved pattern and can add an edgeful flair to a look. Ideal for gents who enjoy creating unique style statements.

Tapered Undercut

The tapered undercut is an adaptable, longer hair style. You can style it however you like: from comb-over, to slicked back or side-swept types, pompadour, or even adding fringe. Combining a faded undercut with a wavy boundary creates an exotic avifaunal style, sure to stand out at any event. Perfect for guys with curly locks – but expect regular maintenance requirements – the payoff will make this style worthwhile!

Skin Fade

Black hair can look striking and sophisticated with a skin fade. This undercut haircut features long top layers with short side layers blending seamlessly, creating an exquisite design. Additionally, its spiky top adds to its exotic avifaunal appeal. Slick-back styles are aggressive and dramatic, but you can soften their dramatic aesthetic by adding a skin fade. This look also pairs nicely with textured pompadours or freshly groomed beards and mustaches.