Cute Hairstyles For Round Faces

Wavy Hairstyles for Round Faces

Wavy hair can appear heavy on round faces, but with the proper styling techniques, it can elongate and enhance their beauty. A deep side part and a layered bob can achieve this effect perfectly.

Layered Long Hair

Layered long hair is recommended for round faces as it helps balance the width and creates angles that elongate the cheekbones and chin.

Side-Swept Bangs and Bob

Instead of opting for blunt bangs that create a straight line across the forehead, try soft side-swept bangs that blend into the layers of a bob haircut. TikTok and pop culture popularize this Style, and it complements round faces.

1950s-Inspired Style

A 1950s-inspired style can create an elegant and feminine silhouette for those with shoulder-length hair. A deep side part with Old Hollywood-style waves can give the illusion of an oval face shape, even with longer locks.

Selena Gomez’s Edgy Fringe

Selena Gomez’s full and wavy fringe, with a blunt cut, creates a modern and edgy look. This asymmetric Style slims the face shape, especially when paired with cool pink colors. A choppy texture and an asymmetric cut are essential for achieving this result.

Textured Pixie

A textured pixie haircut is an adorable and feminine way to frame the face. This Style can be adapted to any age and hair type, featuring an asymmetrical part and long voluminous fringes across the forehead.

Adding Volume to an Asymmetrical Pixie

To add volume and length to an asymmetrical pixie, ask for layered bangs starting near the front and moving toward the crown. Adding blonde highlights or two-toned looks with purple or pink tints can create an unconventional touch. The contrast between light and dark strands enhances the facial structure.

Deep Side Part Hairstyles

A deep side part is an effective way to balance a round face, regardless of hair texture. The amount should cover the widest part of the head, considering that the ears and forehead form the widest points. Avoid extending your hair too far if you have a pixie cut. Additionally, adding layers can add width, so ensure they are thicker than your ears for best results.

Swept Bob

Sometimes a cute bob haircut aims to add dimension rather than slim down a round face. Choppy layers with wavy finishes create a fun and textured look. Choosing lighter hair colors like steel gray accentuates the distinctive textures of this Style. Gradual layering and shorter strands in the front help frame the face and visually divide a round face in half.

Remember that a sweep bob is an ideal low-maintenance style for thick strands with natural volume. It highlights cheekbones, adds drama to any ensemble, and can even help conceal full jawlines or round chins. Ask your stylist for a layered version with added thickness at the crown to avoid a too-full look.