Cute Hairstyles For Little Kids

1. Micro Braids

Micro braids are an effortless hairstyle perfect for kids of most hair types. They are cute and simple to style. You can add a splash of color and flair to micro braids using colorful barrettes or elastics. You can also try hair chalking or clip-in color strands for an instant stylish look.

2. French Braid Ponytail

This chic braided style is timeless and can be worn for everyday or special events. It suits kids of all hair lengths and textures. You can add color to the French braid ponytail by using colorful elastic hair bands. Matching the hair color or creating holiday-themed styles is also possible.

3. High Pigtail

High pigtails are a playful hairstyle that can be created on children of any age and hair texture. Secure their hair in a ponytail, wrap a ribbon around it, and tie it into a pretty bow. You can also try high pigtail twists with beaded hair ties for a unique and adorable look.

4. Bubble Ponytail

This simple hairstyle is an excellent option if your child is too young for braids. It keeps the hair neat and out of the face. Decorative hair ties can be added for a fun and stylish touch. Babes in Hairland has illustrated directions on how to create a bubble ponytail.

5. Crown Braids

Crown braids are charming hairstyles worn for casual days out or special events. Start by creating a side part and gathering the strands into a low-side ponytail secured with a ribbon. This hairstyle works well for kids with wavy or curly hair. Divide the hair into two tiny pigtails at the crown and pin them with bobby pins for an easy and stylish look.