What Is Mink Hair?

Mink hair refers to high-grade human hair obtained without the use of chemicals. It has a high luster and density and is tangle-free with minimal shedding. Researchers have used skin transcriptome analysis to identify genes involved in mink’s coat color and fur development, which can be valuable for breeding programs.

It’s soft

Mink hair is luxuriously soft and silky. It maintains its rich dark-brown color and can easily be colored. Remy human hair is typically used for this type of hair, ensuring minimal tangling. It can be styled in various ways and dyed or bleached without damage.

It’s silky

Mink hair is full and dense, giving it a natural sheen. It holds curls well and is less likely to frizz or tangle. Washing and conditioning are made more straightforward due to its moisture retention. To keep mink hair healthy and soft, it is recommended to use gentle shampoo and conditioner, deep conditioning treatments, and avoid tugging or pulling on weaves.

It’s shiny

Mink hair has a natural shine that resembles your hair. It offers a soft and bouncy texture. It requires regular sulfate-free shampooing and frequent conditioning. Mink hair stands out because it is not dyed or chemically processed, and its length reduces shedding and tangling.

It’s long

Mink Brazilian hair is a durable and versatile option for long-lasting hair. It can be treated like your own hair and maintains its lustrous color. It comes from multiple donors to ensure consistency in length and thickness, preventing tangling.