Cute Hair For Short Hair

Short haircuts offer incredible creative potential, yet sometimes we need help finding styles that work with our shorter locks. Here is a selection of stylish looks that are guaranteed to get your short locks looking their best – and we have you covered with some accessible styles that’ll have you looking great in no time.

Face-framing braids

Face-framing braids are having a moment; pair beautifully with short pixie cuts or even long ones with chin or cheek length layers. Make an impactful statement with them by styling with a full wave for maximum impact!


There are plenty of beautiful updo styles, but many require hair that is at least medium length to achieve them. While that can be frustrating for girls with shorter locks, plenty of great updos work with shorter locks, such as mini ponytails or space buns; you will indeed find something suitable and complementing for any special event or celebration!

Pixie cut updo with braids and coils.

If you have a pixie cut, try this cute updo that combines braids and coils for a Princess-esque style. The side part and crisscrossed grips add some formality, while face-framing tendrils create an informal appearance.

Fancy wavy updos

Fancy wavy updos like this are ideal for weddings and other special events. Take one section back into a French braid and tuck it behind your ear before playing with the remaining lengths for an easy yet stylish updo. Add embellishments such as flowers to add extra shimmer!


Buns may seem like the domain of long locks only, but short-haired ladies can benefit from styling them too! Adding volume can do the trick! A donut bun secured above the nape of the neck can add a book that adds some charm. Pairing this simple look with face-framing bangs adds some femininity that completes it all nicely.

Adorable bun with a floral accessory

An adorable bun can become even more captivating by adding just one floral accessory – adding extra feminine detail without going overboard on more information!

Space buns

Space buns are another classic short hair bun style. To achieve this style, part your hair into two sections and pull one of the back sections toward the center to form a small bun before coiling one of the front sections over it to frame your face-framing look.


Ponytails don’t need to be prim and proper to look chic; finding one that complements your face shape and exudes playful femininity is all it takes! For a casual approach, try securing it low around your face-framing ponytail with an attractive hair tie; this style adds texture and volume and works exceptionally well on wavy locks!

Ponytail with curtain bangs

This sweet style will bring their unique characteristics out if you have curtain bangs. Tease or curl them for a more stylish, romantic effect.

Thick and stacked ponytail

Make your ponytail appear thicker by layering sections of hair on top of one another and stacking the shortest pieces at the front to be tied off later with an elastic. This style works exceptionally well when worn with pixie cuts since it balances out super fast sides with a longer top while leaving enough length at the back so any loose strands can still be tucked behind ears if necessary.


When considering braids, your first thought might be Rapunzel-like locks, but chin-length to shoulder-grazing hair can still be transformed into cute styles easily and quickly. The key is paying attention to details – adding beads, thicker and thinner plaits alternated, or changing up braid patterns are all ways you can add fun and creative flair to any hairdo!

Easy braid for short hair

To create an easy braid for short hair, comb back your strands and start small plaits on either side of your face. It is an elegant, feminine, and cute look suitable for any event or special occasion – make sure your strands stay healthy by spraying a lightweight dry shampoo like Matrix Vavoom Extra Full Freezing Spray to add moisture and let natural styles flourish!

Romantic milkmaid braid look

Braids are an easy and romantic way to add texture and dimension to short hairstyles, providing an intriguing milkmaid braid look that is ideal for casual day dates or weekend brunch events.