How to Try Hairstyles on My Face

If you are exploring hair experimentation, it’s a good idea to see if the new style suits your face shape and skin tone before taking the plunge. Numerous apps offer risk-free trials so you can try on new looks without making any commitments.

The Golden Ratio Face App

The Golden Ratio Face App is a free app that helps you analyze facial symmetry. Using mathematical formulas, this tool uses your beauty score to recommend improving your appearance. For instance, this can help determine suitable hairstyles or makeup colors to complement the unique features of each person’s face shape and personality.

Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

At one point or another, we’ve all experienced this feeling: seeing our favorite celebrity sporting a new cut and wanting it for ourselves immediately. Unfortunately, when it’s time to visit the hair salon and get our “model look,” we find out it doesn’t suit our facial structure as intended. While confidence may help pull off some styles better than others, always consult your face shape and angles first when considering new hairstyles.

Try Hairstyles on Your Face

Numerous hairstyle apps allow you to try on various looks before committing to an appointment with your hairdresser. Just upload a picture of yourself and select from hundreds of celebrity styles worn. The app will automatically detect your face shape and suggest styles that complement it; plus, you can experiment with colors to see how a change could alter your overall appearance.