Cute Hair Braids

Make your braid look healthiest by using a moisturizing hair oil or nourishing spray, adding some fun barrettes or clips as accessories. This adorable braid makes an ideal style statement for special events or date nights, pairing perfectly with high-waisted shorts and an eye-catching crop top!

Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid braids are an elegant way to style up your locks attractively. Created by plaiting two pigtail braids together at the crown of your head and crossing them over each other at its base, this look looks especially striking when worn with bangs. If your hair is long enough, add a fishtail braid for an eye-catching style. This style works exceptionally well on girls with highlights or dyed locks, as it shows off their colors beautifully. Make this braided style work for any event by keeping it neat or slightly messy for an appealing rustic or romantic effect. Remember to use plenty of bobby pins and hairspray for the best result; this style works for any special event! This look makes a statement.

Easy Braid Ponytail

A ponytail is the Swiss Army Knife of hairstyles; it can transform from low maintenance in high humidity to sleek and sophisticated with little effort required. Kerry Washington shows how an effortless braid can add elegance to special events or date nights out with friends. To achieve the look, start with a high ponytail and divide it into three equal sections. Cross one area over another until all three have been interlocked to form a braid. Finish it off by spraying some TRESemme Freeze Hold Hairspray over flyaways before securing them with an elastic. Your gorgeous ponytail braid is ready to turn heads!

Twist Braid

An updo can be as elegant and striking as leaving your locks down, especially with added gold accents to complete the look. A twisted updo is best suited to long natural hair or longer Senegalese twists, which require minimal styling to show their entire length or beauty. This simple twisted updo is simple to achieve and makes it attractive to wear high bulky buns or chunky braids with minimal styling, making it the ideal look for busy days or nights out. Thin Senegalese twists are an elegant style to try if you want a voluminous yet cute hairstyle without much maintenance required. To achieve this sassy look, spray your strands with Dove Amplified Textures Twist In Moisture Shaping Butter Cream leave-in conditioner and then twist.

Pull Out Braid

As braids remain one of the most versatile hairstyles, new braid types emerge yearly that look sophisticated but appear effortless on social media. One such look, the pull-through braid or chunky ponytail braid, is an example of such an approachable yet sophisticated style that looks polished yet is straightforward. This style begins by creating one or two rows of traditional braiding before crossing each set of twisted strands over to cross your middle section. When nearing the nape of your neck, wrap the bottom part of your braid around a small elastic to conceal any gapping and give a finished appearance. Finally, use long or Japanese hair pins as face-framing pieces and tuck loose ends into the braid to complete your style.

Braided Bun

A braided bun elevates the classic bun hairstyle. Easy and fast to create, it is excellent for second or third-day hair that needs volume or wants to avoid blowing dry itself. Just French braid some face-framing sections of hair, twirl the rest into a low bun and use Bobby pins on either side to secure its position for extra tease and volume. With short or long box braids, this two-braid bun hairstyle is an effortless and chic look that suits women of any age and hair texture. Additionally, this beautiful look flatters all face shapes and facial features ideally!