Cute Easy Curly Hairstyles

Are you searching for an adorable hairstyle that’s easy to manage? Look no further. This charming style includes a sleek ponytail, pretty curls, and an irresistibly cute bow.

1. Half Up Half Down Bun with Curls Tendrils

Cute updos for curly hair look best when they’re casual yet feminine. Gather your curls into a low half-up bun with loose tendrils framing your face for an effortlessly feminine finish. Dry shampoo (we love Dove Refresh Care Fresh Coconut Dry Shampoo with its accompanying comb) will help you tease and style this adorable style for medium-length hair.

2. Twisted Buns with a Side Part

If you have long, curly hair, this style can be an exciting way to showcase its face-framing tendrils. Create a fishtail braid on one side of your head, wrap it into a mini twisted bun, and voila! A unique style sure to turn heads at any event while giving off plenty of personality – perfect when keeping hair up yet still showing some flair! Use a tail comb to divide your hair into separate sections and begin twisting each quarter until it reaches the end of the head. Pin each twist down with some bobby pins once complete before repeating on the other side – finishing this look off with decorative hair clips or flowers for a truly distinctive style!

3. Curls with Two-Tone Highlights

Layering adds volume and fullness to curly locks. By layering, curls can wriggle up from below, creating a fuller appearance perfect for any special event or occasion. Are you searching for a stylish way to show off your curls? A high ponytail is an easy and eye-catching hairstyle to try! Plus, this style works on anyone! To achieve this style, begin by parting your hair into two sections and tying one area into a half ponytail, then using both ponytails to form one large, voluminous ponytail that appears like one big, full one pinned together with pins to give this hairdo its final form. A few well-placed highlights can also add depth and elegance.

4. Two-Tone Curls

Two-tone curls can make for an eye-catching hair color option that will turn heads, with subtle highlights or whole head dyeing with brighter hues, such as electric blue. Ask your stylist for assistance to achieve this unique style and ensure maximum impact! Jiya offers this adorable everyday look that is perfect for curly locks of all lengths and textures. Start by parting your hair down the middle, using a comb to part it again, and adding a high pigtail (at any height!) on one side of your head (use a hair tie as necessary). If you have bangs, try fishtail braiding them and pinning them against your scalp to create the illusion of an intricate updo. Fishtail braids also show off curls while adding volume to your look!

5. Twisted Ponytail

A twisted ponytail will do the trick if you want a stylish yet chic look after a long day. It is an elegant take on the classic crown twist braid that suits young girls and women who desire sleek elegance. The key to creating this look is dividing your hair into two sections and twisting them clockwise until they reach the ends. Keep all strands as tight as possible so your face stays put. Flat twists can add another dimension and depth to the style, creating an eye-catching princess effect and an excellent hairstyle for special events.