Men’s Long hair Style Image

Men with longer locks require more commitment than shorter styles, but creating eye-catching styles is simple with the proper cut. Adding layers is essential for volume and texture—experiment with wearing layers forward or back.

Asymmetrical Cut

An asymmetric cut is a stylish solution for those who don’t want to go too short. Pair it with bright hair colors for a breathtaking look. A deep side part can also add drama.

Asymmetrical Fringe

Long asymmetrical fringe hairstyles can instantly transform your appearance. They can accentuate your eyes, emphasize your neck’s curve, and soften facial structures. Thin locks can be thickened for more volume, and regular trims are essential to keep them neat.

Layered Long Hairstyle

Long layers can add movement and volume while thinning out thick locks and adding texture to thin ones. The layering can start anywhere between the chin or below the nose. Opt for subtle balayage highlights for a stylish and modern look.


V-cut long hairstyles effectively add layers and create a V shape on any length of hair. They are great for reducing the weight of locks. V-cut haircuts are suitable for ombre hair color and can be styled sleek or with volume.