Cute Curly Hairstyles For Girls

When styled into this neck-length hairdo, your little girl’s naturally curly ringlets look precious. To achieve it, braid her strands and bring them over to the side before setting them into place the style.

1. High Ponytail with Curls

Curled ponytails are perfect for girls with long wavy locks – naturally or permed – because their unique curly characteristics add fun, bounciness, and dimension to this look. To achieve this look, thoroughly moisturize your child’s locks to avoid elastic bands pulling her curls out. Next, secure their locks into a high ponytail with a hair tie. Tease her hair slightly to add volume, then tie a beautiful bow or ribbon around her head for the finishing touch – this hairstyle makes a stunning impression at any special event!

2. Puffed Ponytail

This simple puff ponytail is ideal for girls with curly locks. Easy to create and stylish in its appearance, this hairstyle can make an impressionful statement at family functions or wedding celebrations. Try creating a puffed ponytail with curly bangs to give little princesses’ long, kinky curls in light brown shades an adorable look. Pull back half of their hair and secure it with an elegant flower band for this look to complete. Fishtail braids are another versatile style. Moisturize and divide your child’s hair into two parts before tying it into a high ponytail and crisscrossing it to achieve a puffy effect.

3. Cornrows in a High Bun

Though bangs may seem reserved for straight hairstyles, your daughter can still make an impactful statement with charges when accessorized with an adorable barrette. She can cut her bangs to the length of her shoulders before tucking them behind one ear for an additional soft touch that enhances her natural beauty. Yara Shahidi has proven that cornrows can be worn with elegance. Her look combines thick and thin strands into an eye-catching braided bun. Furthermore, she added colorful beads for an eye-catching finish.

4. Baby Buns

Curly girl hairstyles offer the ideal feminine aesthetic. This cut gives natural kinks shape and volume, making styling and managing easier. To achieve this look, moisturize and part your little girl’s hair into two even sections. Gather each team into two tiny baby buns before securing them with invisible hair bands if you wish for extra details in her simple hairstyle. Puffing up these buns adds another element of fact for added interest! Dana Griffin-Graves, wife, mother, and co-founder of the Baby Buns for Life network, joins us on the 1 Girl Revolution podcast to discuss her NICU journey and her work with other families affected by premature birth.

5. Criss-Cross Braids

Criss-cross braid styles are perfect for girls with curly locks, providing protection and beauty at once. Use silver or gold bands to complete this stylish hairstyle for added elegance! This girl’s hairstyle is ideal for flower girls at weddings. It showcases their afro curls while giving off princess vibes. Puff up her front hair slightly so it stays out of her face, then finish with an adorable flower clip as an additional decorative feature.

6. Two Ponytails

If your little girl enjoys wearing ponytails, give her an adorable style suitable for any event with the help of a curl-enhancing product to define and smooth out her natural curls and then create this side ponytail look. This beautiful hairstyle is ideal for enjoying the sunshine. Gather your child’s curls into two low ponytails and secure them with an adorable barrette. This cute hairstyle for children with afro hair is easy and quick! Simply combine her hair with zigzag partings and, a criss-cross braid, and pull it into two ponytails to finish the look – add an adorable hair bow for added detail!

7. Tight Braids

Make your child’s curly locks look cute and neat for a special event by pinning three tiny buns at the back of her head and adding flower clips or crowns – she will be all set! This charming style is ideal for kids with looser coils. The extended layered Deva cut provides plenty of face-framing volume, yet can easily be styled using only a few bobby pins and cute hair accessories. Tight braids are trending this season and will add romantic yet daring style to your daughter’s natural curls. Be sure to thoroughly moisturize her strands beforehand to avoid becoming dry or brittle during her braids!