Choosing Blonde hair Tones

Find your ideal shade by understanding your skin’s undertone before bleaching.

Icy Blonde

This shade of blonde features ashy roots with creamy highlights for an ultra-blendable and low-maintenance style. It’s also an ideal solution for brunettes who wish to go blonde!

Warm Blonde

Warm blonde tones add an irresistibly feminine flair, whether you are a natural blonde looking to subtly switch up your look or a brunette seeking surfer-girl locks. These hues contain red, orange, and yellow undertones that reflect light for a vibrant appearance. This shade is a favorite among medium skin tones and complements various eye colors.

Cool Blonde

Cool blonde tones make an elegant and sleek appearance, whether you are a natural blonde trying to gradually lighten your locks or an experienced brunette looking to go blonde. This shade works well on medium skin tones and complements light complexions beautifully. It significantly enhances blue or green eye colors.

Dirty Blonde

Dirty blonde shades can be updated with strawberry or red streaks for depth and dimension. This look works wonderfully on cool skin tones, and one way to lighten darker dirty blondes is with platinum highlights. Gigi Hadid is an excellent example of beautiful dirty blonde tones achieved by combining different shades and highlights.

Natural Blonde

If you have naturally blonde locks, treat them carefully by visiting your stylist regularly for toners to maintain cool tones. Strawberry blonde highlights and lowlights can provide a golden honey look, perfect for fair complexions. Jennifer Aniston is known for her natural, golden blonde locks that beautifully match her olive skin tone.

Use color-safe shampoo and conditioner to preserve the desired shade and prevent brassy tones.