How to Style Pink and Purple Hair

Pink and purple hair is a vibrant color choice that looks beautiful on both wavy and straight hairstyles. It invitingly makes a bold statement.

Pink Ombre Hair

Pink hair has become trendy, and many seek an eye-catching ombre look. A rosy pink ombre looks beautiful with darker hues like brown. Vivid fuchsia pink works well on brown locks, while soft pastel pink creates a cute yet seductive style.

Subtle Pink Ombre

For a subtler pink ombre, use demi-permanent dyes that are easier and cheaper to apply. Mix the paint as directed on the box, then apply it in sections using a brush or your fingers (with gloves on). Start at your lightest base color and gradually go darker as you move down each strand.

Dark Roots with Purple Hair

Magenta-to-purple-violet hair color is ideal for long locks. Its seamless monochrome transition looks beautiful on fair complexions and matches blonde tones. Style it with face-framing waves or milkmaid braids for a dramatic statement, or keep it casual for an everyday look.

Dark Purple Highlights

Dark purple highlights look beautiful on straight, thick hair. They have a feminine effect and versatility, making them ideal for those wanting something bold but subtle, like mermaid hair. They are eye-catching without going all-out.

Dark Violet Ombre

Dark violet ombre looks lovely on all hair textures, mainly when applied to black roots. Commit to touch-up appointments and avoid patchy and faded colors for long-lasting results. This style also emphasizes cool undertones in your complexion.

Two-Toned Hair with Purple

Two-toned styles offer more subtle purple hair ideas. Rich blue-purple hues complement dark natural hair beautifully. This combination is striking and eye-catching without being overpoweringly bright.

Soft Lavender Streaks

Soft lavender streaks look gorgeous with wavy and curly locks. They introduce color without a permanent commitment. Light purple stripes add a striking hue to any natural hair shade.

Violet Ombre to Pastel Pink

An elegant violet ombre that fades to pastel pink creates a seamless, eye-catching feminine look. It works on long or pixie cuts, adding a soft, trendy touch to your hair.

Pink and Purple Hair

Pink and purple dyes can create beautiful, bright, bold hair colors. They work in all lengths and styles and can be styled in many ways. Frequent touch-ups are necessary to maintain the vibrancy of these shades.

Combination of Pink and Purple

Combining both pink and purple creates a stunning and feminine look. Start with a dark brown base that gradually transitions into amethyst-esque purple metallic tips. This gradient effect stands out and looks excellent with curled hairstyles.