How to Style Your Curtains Hairstyle

The curtains hairstyle, also known as curtain bangs, is an iconic men’s haircut popular among those with thick, straight locks such as Johnny Depp or Keanu Reeves – two celebrities women love. Women especially adore this style!

A great combination is pairing this look with any variation of fade, from low skin fades to taper fades. Add texturizing wax or pomade for a sleek finish.


A center-parted hairstyle is an adaptable look that works great for protective styles like tribal and box braids or for a classic finish with a bob. Additionally, this look works for all textures – whether straight or curly! – thanks to its middle part that emphasizes waves or curls for an overall more blended appearance that frames the face beautifully.

Lili Reinhart has chosen a style with thick wavy layers and a middle part to frame her face and make it appear slimmer. It can also work for those with round faces to add height at the crown or cover wide cheeks; and for heart-shaped faces to appear longer and more symmetrical.

Paulina Rubio’s retro-styled mess of messy textured curls with a slight middle part is an eye-catching option for medium-length hair. Tuck it behind your ears or tie into an updo for an eye-catching updo look – to achieve this style, use texturizing spray and blow dry using a round brush.


Side-parted hairstyles are an easy and elegant way to add sophistication to any look, particularly men with longer locks. Easy to achieve and only requires some hair wax to maintain, this look works wonders on men with longer locks! If you need help starting, ask your stylist or friend who are stylists about identifying a part that best fits you!

This timeless hairstyle became widely popular after World War I. Typically paired with a beard, this timeless look can be worn both casually or formally depending on its occasion.

Mad Men’s Don Draper popularized the side-parted hairstyle, but it has long been in fashion. Ideal for office environments or men looking to update their style, this look requires minimal upkeep and maintenance and works equally well when worn with either beards or full heads of hair.

Low ponytail

A low ponytail is an effortless everyday style perfect for busy days. Wear it with side parts or bangs; add curls and some hairspray for added style! For maximum effectiveness use Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate hair Fall Defiance Ultra Conditioner which features revolutionary fiber actives to strengthen and prevent breakage of hair follicles.

Your ponytail can get an editorial look by using a large bow or barrette to give it an editorial aesthetic. Though this might look childish at first, it will pair beautifully with a 1920s dress or black leather jacket. Another way to elevate its chic factor is to cover up its elastic with some hair; this method works particularly well on women with long fine locks who wish to appear fashionable and glamorous; this style works especially well among younger and teenage women.


Buns are an effective way of adding some height and dimension to a curtain hairstyle. Simply pin it to either side or let it stand upright; add hair gel for extra hold-off!

This style looks particularly striking on men with curly hair, as its natural coils cascade across their faces. Additionally, it can work for those with straighter locks; just ensure it remains moisturized to avoid dryness or frizzing.

This versatile style can be worn at nearly any length and cropped short to emulate a mohawk look. Perfect for men who wish to maintain an air of sophistication with an element of rebelliousness, the classic mustache style also suits all facial shapes and skin tones alike, being easy to maintain with low, medium, or high taper fade options available.