The Princess Diana Haircut

Princess Diana was one of the earliest style icons to stand out. She was known for her chic yet understated look and signature haircut that could be worn in multiple ways.

Dalton’s Approach to Cutting Diana’s Hair

Dalton, Princess Diana’s hairdresser, recounted how he would gradually cut her hair shorter over weeks so that no one would notice the change.

Short Layered Cut

Women looking for more texture in their hair can benefit from a short layered cut. This style complements various face shapes and can be paired with side-swept fringe or bangs. Glamour Magazine recommends following Diana’s feathery mushroom haircut as a model. This look can be finished by dyeing the hair in blonde or pastel colors.

Diana’s Evolving Look

Diana’s hairstyle underwent various transformations before reaching her relaxed yet effortless appearance. She started with a mousy early ’80s look and then moved into more glamorous territory with longer layers. To achieve this look, use frizz control serum for an authentic, lived-in finish. For a modern update, ask your stylist to add longer top layers.

Long Layered Cut

Diana’s extended layered cut was one of the keys to her ability to command attention. While it had an edgier vibe than her early days as Charles’ fiancee and wife, it still highlighted her figure and stunning blonde locks. Diana was seen sporting this look during her trip to Thorpe Park on April 13th, 1993. To recreate this style, pin back the back section of your hair before working layers through it. If your face shape allows, consider creating an angled look or adding another layer for thick hair.

Layered Top Layer

Diana made a powerful statement with her hair, defying expectations and prioritizing individuality in an era that favored conformity. Her bangs, which swept just above her eyes, showcased her independence. Glamour notes that her shaggy hairstyle, designed by Sam McKnight for a gala dinner in 1995, represented her “follicular power statement.” This iconic look is coming back and has been recreated by celebrities such as Kristen Stewart and Kaia Gerber. Part your hair to the side and opt for a layered top layer to achieve this style.

Side Parting

Princess Diana continues to influence fashion and beauty trends even after her death. She was known for trying new looks and being fearless in her fashion choices. Her iconic 1990s haircut, with a parted curtain style, marked an important milestone in her style evolution. One of her notable looks was at a Red Cross event 1997, where she paired her sleek back locks with an eye-catching black headband. This streamlined style emphasized the shape of her face while showing her soft side.