Cool Fade Haircuts For Men

This textured quiff over a high lineup fade will keep you looking chic, be it to make your dreads pop or add Reggae flair. Ideal for oval and round face shapes as well as curly hair types. This sleek cut will let your inner Justin Timberlake shine. Longer on top and tapering to a sharp shave at your nape – this handsome cut will surely get everyone talking.

Box Fade

Men with round faces can look their best with a box fade haircut. This timeless style tapers the sides and back of the head while leaving longer locks on top – perfect for men who wear short beards!

A deep side part is an easy and attractive addition to a faded haircut, offering subtle depth. Choose a thin, regular, or vast region, and visit your barber for regular trims and fades to keep this style in great shape.

Curly hair fades are ideal for men who wish to show off their kinky locks in style. This striking look stands out and works well with any hairstyle; just use light-hold gel or pomade, as this will keep your locks in place!

Burst Fade

The burst fade haircuts offer men looking for an unconventional edge the perfect solution. Customize this cut with lightning streaks, zigzag lines, or text designs; its textured finish helps create an authentic look, while using hair products can keep it in place all day.

Add a burst fade to your crew cut for an effortlessly dapper appearance and highlight your masculine features while drawing attention to thick locks. Or try this style with a lineup for an even bolder effect.

If you have curly hair, a burst fade with curls on top can be an ideal way to show them off while keeping the sides of your head neat. This style gives your curls plenty of exposure while keeping them looking their best!

Long-On-Top Fade

For an attractive yet manageable style that’s less of an eyesore than full beards or sideburns, consider opting for a long-on-top fade with a comb over. Your barber could keep longer strands on top for a combed-over style or use a structured pompadour style paired with a low taper fade to create an envy-inducing combination.

To emphasize your facial contours, request that your barber create a sideburn fade with a line design. They can use a zero-size clipper to achieve this look and provide your face and neck with an ultra-clean cut that complements your stylish sideburns perfectly. Furthermore, this style works particularly well paired with beards to give an air of masculinity; plus, it works incredibly well on men with thick or unruly locks!

Undercut Fade

Like the low fade but with more contrast, this style works for men who prefer an aggressive appearance. The hair is slightly longer on top before fading to a skin cut that complements any length or thickness – ideal for any size or waviness of locks! It also works well as an introduction to natural waves!

Maintaining this style is also simple. Just comb over the top with some pomade; we recommend Patricks M2 for its medium hold and high sheen properties.

Alternatively, ask your barber about getting an undercut with a hard part for something a bit bolder. This style offers a sophisticated disconnected cut that instantly takes side-part techniques to another level.

Clipped-In Line Fade

A faded haircut is a timeless men’s hairstyle that gradually reduces the length of hair on both the sides and back, using clippers and guard combs to achieve this style. Your barber should begin with the most extended guard before gradually decreasing it for an angled fade haircut that eventually leads to skin fade or bald fade haircut.

The bald fade haircut stands in contrast to its counterpart, the taper fade, in that it goes all the way down to your skin. Ideal for creating an effortlessly stylish look with pomade or gel, Usher and actor Robert Pattinson rock this style, giving off a put-together and fashionable aesthetic. Try adding structure and hold with some wax or paste.