Current Long Hairstyles For Men

Long hair can look breathtaking when styled to match each personality, from waves to curls or top knots. There is sure to be an ideal cut out there for everyone! If you want to update your long tresses, here are a few styles worth trying now. They’ll surely impress your mates – who don’t want that?

The Beard

This year, long hairstyle trends for those blessed with thick, luxurious locks focus on showing off their natural texture. Curls, waves, and coils all benefit from this style, clearly defining each strand’s characteristics while emphasizing color diversity. Beards have long been seen as a sign of masculinity and power. Not only can they adorn and protect men, but they can also foster respectability and give a sense of belonging within groups. Women have long struggled to be equal partners with men in all aspects of their lives, and hiding or shaving off a woman’s beard denies them that right; it divides relationships and limits their potential, causing society a high cost in return.

The Quiff

The quiff is an iconic cut showcasing your fashion sense and masculinity. Suitable for various face shapes, the quiff can look great when worn, slicked back for an ultra-polished finish, or roughed up by hand for an unfinished edge. Leonardo DiCaprio has long favored this retro style, which can help soften widow’s peaks and add width to your face. By keeping the sides shorter than the top, this look creates a neat, sleek appearance perfect for work or social occasions. The modern quiff is similar to an undercut in that it combines close-clipped sides and back with a more dramatic top, offering great versatility for men with thicker hair as it can easily be styled upward and back for a desirable, stylish look that will have all of your friends asking who you’re sporting! It makes an excellent option for guys with thicker locks who wish they had more control over their styles.

The Wavy Mullet

Combining elements from modern shaggy cuts and traditional mullets, this look is ideal for guys with curly or wavy locks. As its name implies, the Wavy Mullet style features fuller top sections that thin down towards the back. Leigh-Anne Pinnock from Little Mix chose this unique haircut when appearing for a photo shoot with this band. Her piece-y bangs and heavily textured but glamorous mullet were an eye-catcher! Taraji P. Henson had a wavy mullet that exuded classic 80s vibes while remaining feminine and beautiful. Her entire top thinned out to her shoulders before ending at her face, accented by long bangs sweeping across her forehead to frame her face beautifully.

The Side Part

The Side Part is an iconic yet versatile style that looks good on all hair lengths and textures. Perfect for casual and formal occasions, it requires minimal upkeep with some hair gel or pomade to provide extra hold and shine. For those with thicker locks, a classic side part with pompadour is an effective solution for keeping the hair out of their eyes while giving an immaculately dapper appearance. The side part has been around for decades and likely won’t go anywhere soon. It is ideal for helping any man appear put-together without spending too much time styling their hair in the morning while it ages well and can be worn by anyone regardless of age.

The Spiky Bun

Bantu knots were popular protective hairstyles of the 90s, worn by icons such as Rihanna and Cardi B. Now making a comeback are Bantu knots, seen rocked on red carpets by Rihanna and Cardi B, respectively. This style has a sleek base topped with face-framing tendrils tucked around the bun. hair gel is an indispensable product to create this look, as it slicks back your locks into a chic chignon while still allowing the ends to fan out for a prickly finish. Hailey Bieber accessorized hers with an iconic magenta velour bikini top for an eye-catching throwback effect. This style is ideal for second and third-day hair, as it requires minimal upkeep. Adding some chic accents, such as bobby pins or headbands, makes the bun even more eye-catching!