How to Style a Curly Long-Hair Boy

Curly hair exudes individuality but can be challenging to style. To tame its wild coils, use a tapered cut that lets your length on top shine through. This modern look requires patience to achieve. Additionally, it works great even if little or no facial hair is present.


This look is ideal for black men looking to showcase their curly locks. Afro puffs protect curls from drying out in harsh elements; to maintain this style effectively, use curl-enhancing gel and hair clay as necessary. This mid-length afro haircut is an ideal solution for black men who aren’t quite ready to transition into full dreadlocks yet want more structure than the classic pompadour style. Ask your barber to create an undercut with medium fades with round tops and squarish sides to achieve it. If you’re in a rush in the morning, this curly afro hairstyle can help save time while still turning heads. Wear it with different clothing styles for maximum impact!

Long Side-parted Kinks

This style features a long side-parted hairstyle curled into fun kinky spikes on top. These curled locks are then shaped and layered for an eye-catching, contemporary style that pairs nicely with a high fade for contrast between lengths and textures. Perfect for boys with curly locks who want to show off their unique style!

Curtain Bangs

After years of straight hair reigning supreme, full, bouncy curls have returned as one of the top trends. To add style to your circles, consider incorporating fringes for an original and fresh style – this fringe haircut for curly boys works excellently, no matter their length or texture! This long haircut for curly boys works for any hair length, texture, or length! Add modern flare to the timeless middle-part curtain bangs by asking your barber for a high or low undercut beneath the fringe. This will create more definition in the face-framing curls while leaving them soft and flexible. This trendy hairstyle is beloved among K-pop idols such as Junkook from BTS and Lucas from Super M, sporting it beautifully with their flowing locks. Additionally, it adds extra flare to a short blunt bob style haircut.