Hairstyles For a Curly Long Hair Boy

Curly hair is an iconic look that never goes out of style, and men with long curly locks stand out among crowds with this distinctive style. If you prefer long, loose coils, consult a barber who specializes in providing good haircuts to keep them fuller, bulking less visually, and looking natural. A quality barber cut will leave your coils fuller while maintaining the naturality and fullness of appearance.

Messy Waves

Messy waves are the ultimate expression of effortless cool. No matter your age or hair length, this look works! Easy to achieve and maintain, let your waves fall naturally, or use a curling iron to add dimension with eye-catching ombre highlights for added dimension and interest to your locks. A messy wavy hairstyle also looks great on shorter cuts like bobs; let your natural ash blonde hue show through, or ask your stylist to add bleached blonde and ashy highlights for contrast and interest.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are an ideal style to enhance the femininity and flowiness of curly locks, providing a more feminine and flowy style than other bang styles. Their middle-parting fringe frames the face beautifully while adding some drama. Furthermore, this bang style works beautifully on various pixie cuts, including classic bob styles. If you want to attempt this style, find a stylist with experience cutting curls properly; otherwise, you risk having too much of an uneven or choppy appearance. Mouzakis and Lopez suggest bringing photos to show your stylist exactly what style you prefer, enabling them to create it exactly how you envision it. Furthermore, discuss how often you can style or trim your bangs for the best results.

Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk hairstyle is excellent for boys with long, curly hair who wish to create an edgy, stylish look. This option may also suit those still determining if a full Mohawk would suit them yet. A tall faux hawk is an eye-catching style that stands out in contrast to your hair’s natural texture and requires strong hold styling products for lasting hold. Another excellent variation of this haircut is a faux hawk with bangs. This hairstyle looks edgy and stylish, with a high skin fade on either side, making it an excellent way to add some punk flair. Additionally, this hairstyle is easy to maintain and can be styled into different shapes as desired.


The Afro is a classic look often associated with black culture. This hairstyle involves tightly pulling together curls into a round form for an aesthetic finish, and many prominent figures such as deceased musician Jimi Hendrix and singer Diana Ross have donned one at various points during their careers. Maintaining this style can be challenging due to its tight curls. Therefore, using an effective conditioner is advised for healthy and tangle-free locks. This style resembles the Mohawk but features more prominent coils. Your barber can add any fade style you like for an individualistic touch – making this ideal for boys looking to stand out! This hairstyle creates a bold statement! It will undoubtedly stand out in any crowd!


Ponytails are a trendy hairstyle among boys. Perfect for adding beauty and volume to long locks, the Ponytail is especially effective at softening the features of facial structures while giving an impression of youth and softness. Furthermore, this hairstyle gives an elegant yet sophisticated appearance ideal for formal meetings or dinners with friends. To achieve this look, grow your hair to about neck-length before pulling it back with a comb, using quality hair ties to form it into a ponytail between the nape and crown using quality styling products if desired. It can look particularly sexy if worn alongside a beard for an added sexy vibe!