hair streaks ideas

One of the most fun and trendy hair trends of recent years is blue hair. It’s both unique and fun to experiment with different shades of blue. The trick is to wait a day or two before washing your head to give the streaks time to set and remain vibrant. In between washes, try using a dry shampoo to keep that fresh and clean. Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Color Care Dry Shampoo will absorb any grease and oil without messing up your new hair color.

The first step in creating hair streaks is to select a color. There are many different shades of purple available in beauty supply stores, so you can use one of those to achieve your desired look. You can also use an aluminum foil placed underneath a small section of that to add subtle highlights to the hair. This method is best for those with medium-to-high-shine, straight hair. It is important to remember that the content of this wiki is provided under a Creative Commons license.