Hair Style Ideas For Curly Hair

Curly hair can be an incredible asset and there are endless ways to use its inherent curliness to your advantage. Playing around with those bouncy locks will create the ideal look for any occasion – be it an informal stroll through the park or formal event.

Try a center or zig-zag part for a soft and sophisticated feel, or opt for an eye-catching side ponytail to showcase the full volume of your curls.


Shaggy hair styles are an easy and enjoyable way to show off your curls while adding an eye-catching accent. This charming style allows you to play around with your locks and looks fantastic with different color choices!

If you’re searching for an easy and effortless curly hair style, this one may be ideal. Simply allowing some loosely curled pieces to cover your forehead creates an illusion of bangs for an adorable and unique look which works with any occasion.

This pretty blonde curly bob looks absolutely beautiful when combined with highlights! To achieve this style, just apply a light styling gel and let your locks dry naturally – no time or season restrictions necessary; perfect for school, work and other errands – ideal for teens and young women!

Messy Medium Cut with Bangs

If you’re after an edgy style without all the hassle of styling it yourself, this messy medium cut with bangs may be perfect. Ask your stylist to add faded sides for contrast between its haphazard curls on top and faded sides – this style will turn heads whether walking down the street or attending a sporting event with friends!

This choppy bob is an eye-catching option for curly girls due to its asymmetrical style, featuring an angled shape that minimizes forehead size while adding extra definition with its dark hair color solution.

This style features textured curls reminiscent of shag, but with more casual cuts. Add highlights to ringlets in your hair for even greater drama, giving this seductive style even more playful character. A shoulder-length cut featuring voluminous coils can frame your face for a stunning appearance.

Messy Updo

If your curly locks tend to get unruly at times, this casual yet chic updo may be just what you need to keep them in check. The key to creating an updo that looks polished without any curls coming loose lies in selecting products such as volumizing mousse or frizz-fighting gel for this style.

A deep side part and full high ponytail create an eye-catching combination, while adding volume and texture with sparkly pins add an extra special touch to this look.

This casual yet striking style is great for a casual night out and will turn heads! To achieve it, simply divide your hair into three sections before twisting one section and pinning it at the nape of your neck as a ponytail. Finally, twist and pin both remaining sections near the center of your head for an unruly circle at your nape of neck.

Messy Bun

If you don’t have the time for intricate braids or updos, this low messy bun is an easy and quick hairstyle option to try out. Start by pulling back your hair into a ponytail before pulling two thick strands from underneath your bun to frame your face and pin them so they won’t come undone later on – creating a classic undone bun look without being undone by styling too many styles at once!

The messy bun is an effortless chic top knot style perfect for any special event or casual daytime attire. Perfect for summer months when volume and texture is needed in your locks, it also can add texture with ease! For added flare add flowers or bows as hair accessories to complete this look!

If you have long hair, pretzel braiding is a beautiful way to create an elegant yet formal messy bun that shows off your curls. Perfect for weddings and special events alike, it takes less than 10 minutes to do this style!