Top Boys Hair Style 2020

Taper Fade with Comb-Over

This fashionable haircut combines a classic crew cut with clean-shaven sides, creating a modern and trendy style. It is perfect for boys looking for a stylish but intelligent appearance, and it pairs well with T-shirts and jeans. The longer top allows various styling options, such as pompadours, slicked-back hair, and spikes. Ideal for fine to medium hair textures, it can be easily styled using texturizing pomade.

Spiky Sides

Spiky hairstyles always stay in style and add a punk-rock aesthetic to any ensemble. This trendy style features a medium taper fade and a spiky crop on top, offering a fresh and masculine finish. The spikes can be combed forward for a polished look or left natural for a rugged aesthetic. It works best for wavy or coiled hair, and styling gel can be used for optimal holding power.

Long Bangs

For boys with long, luxurious locks, a taper fade with long bangs is a stylish option. This haircut highlights the top section of the hair while adding an attractive flair to the overall look. It creates an updated and put-together appearance without being too serious. The sides and back are shaved or faded, while the top is kept longer for styling.

Long Side Part

A hard-side part is stylish for boys who want to exude confidence and clarity. It can be worn with any outfit and is perfect for casual outings with family or friends. If your child has the patience to grow their hair long, a long locks style can be ideal. It can be styled in a straightforward or shaggy manner for added dimension.

Textured Crop

Boys looking for an effortless style can opt for a textured crop. This haircut features shorter sides and back than the top, reducing daily maintenance requirements. It adds flair, looking more natural than blunt bangs or asymmetrical style. The textured crop can be combed forward for a classic look or slicked back for extra volume, making it suitable for those with curly or wavy locks.

Thick hair with Spikes

Spiky hairstyles are a classic fashion trend that can be modified for different hair lengths and textures. This impactful style requires upkeep to remain at its best. However, a faded haircut with a hard part is an excellent alternative for boys with thick locks who need more time or grooming knowledge to maintain spiky hair. It features short sides and back with longer lengths on top for a classic and polished appearance.

Faux Hawk Fade

A taper fade is a timeless boys’ hairstyle that exudes elegance and smartness. It is perfect for active boys who want a low-maintenance haircut to withstand their daily activities. Adding a faux hawk to the taper fade creates an edgy look. The long top can be styled swept back or up for maximum impact, and it can also be parted before for a modern and fashionable aesthetic. This hairstyle is ideal for thick, curly locks and looks good with casual attire in any season.