How to Style Curly Hair

Short Sides

Curly hair works wonderfully when kept long, but short styles look stunning when appropriately managed. This particular cut uses a bald fade to draw attention to its beautiful center curls looks gorgeous. For an elegant style, try side-parting your curls and using light hold wax to keep them neat and tidy – this style also frames your face perfectly!

Long Top

Long pixie cuts are low-maintenance styles that offer plenty of flexibility, from braiding and texture experiments to side-sweeping your locks for a face-framing effect. Stiff parting short curly hair is a fantastic way to distinguish and define its shape while adding volume at the crown of your head. Additionally, try tousled textures for added character and to add volume at the height of your locks. Long top of curly hair with short sides is an eye-catching style perfect for formal and casual events, drawing the eye away from receding hairlines by drawing attention away.


A faded haircut is one of the classic and versatile styles available from your barber. It can be worn with any length of hair and worn by men of any age; additionally, it makes a great statement piece when combined with curly locks to define the style. The drop fade is an evolution of the taper fades haircut that creates a distinct arch from temple to ear, giving an eye-catching appearance. It pairs well with many styles, from crew cuts to pompadours. For an authentic masculine aesthetic, opt for the temple fade and pair it with a brush-up style. AXE Extreme Hold Glue can help secure this style; apply it with light pressure for optimal results.


An undercut can make any individual look their best as long as it’s done correctly. While men have long worn an undercut look, more women than ever before are making waves with this trend. An undercut offers an edgy style option and works on tops of any length! Make an impression statement with stripes or other designs for an eye-catching finish. A classic fade will always work well, while more daring cuts may require something with more unique elements, such as an undercut with mid-fade. Layered undercuts with mid-fades are another stylish choice and especially helpful when styling curly locks, as they will reduce volume while simplifying management. This undercut with disconnected sides and skin fade creates an undercut with a modern style that’s still masculine, while adding fringe can give this style an androgynous vibe suited for tomboys.

Bowl Cut

The mushroom cut is an alternative to the classic bowl haircut that works particularly well for men with curly locks. It features longer top layers that create more volume and texture while drawing focus to your scalp area. Furthermore, its push-forward styling helps cover more of your scalp area, providing more coverage with receding hairlines. This bold take on the bowl cut pairs well with a mid-fade. Its shorter bottom hairline contrasts beautifully with its thicker top portion for an eye-catching, rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic. Try this sassy style, ideal for girls with straight or wavy locks. The longer layers add extra length for fun styling options, while the blunt fringe draws attention to your eyes.


One of the best messy hairstyles for men is a curly quiff with a low fade. This style is casual yet eye-catching; ask your stylist to give you a square silhouette at the top and leave short locks around the sides and back for an undercut effect. Thin chestnut brown hair with subtle light balayage looks beautiful in this style. Just use gel or wax on your locks, scrunch them between your fingers, and let them fall naturally for an attractive yet texturized finish. Finish it off with a clean fade to highlight facial features. This style makes a versatile haircut suitable for any event; keep it messy when out with friends, or slick it back if attending a vital function.