How to Style 12 Inch Hair

12 inch hair length is an increasingly popular trend. It serves as the ideal compromise for those who desire thick and luxurious locks that still appear stylish and modern.

Loose Ponytail

The loose ponytail can make for an eye-catching hairstyle when worn correctly, ideal for all natural hair textures from relaxed waves to tighter coils and afro styles. This messy-yet-feminine look is great for prom or any other special event and keeps your locks out of your face while looking stunning.


Cornrows are an iconic African hairstyle worn by women and girls of all ages. Styled into updos or braided into crowns for crowning effect, cornrows pair well with both natural and bold beauty looks alike.


No matter your hairstyle needs – whether braiding, naturalizing or simply admiring protective styles – you can create many styles with 12 inch braids. From high quality 100% Kanekalon fibers in X-Pression braiding hair to pre-stretched Ruwa kids braids and Yeluchi braiding hair line, there are options for everyone.

12 inch hair extensions

12 inch hair extensions can be found at many beauty supply stores and online retailers, and hairdressers offer installation services. Although this technique of installing extensions should be safe and won’t damage natural locks, for best results it should be left to professionals in order to ensure proper attachment and security of extensions.